5 Reasons to Choose Platinum in 2018

By eWeddingBands CEO W. McKay Crowley


Platinum is at a lower price today than it has been in 10 years! In fact, the current price of platinum is nearly 60% less than it was at its peak in 2011. A host of different factors can influence precious metal pricing, including demand, global economic conditions, predicted economic conditions, and even politics. High five for lower prices! Precious metal prices have been known to change without much notice, so we're hoping the current price holds for a while yet.

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Looking for a ring that will stand the test of time while requiring very little upkeep? Choose platinum. Platinum doesn’t wear down the same way gold does, which means the ring’s thickness won’t decrease over the years as it will with gold. Additionally, platinum is a great alternative to white gold. Because white gold is still a gold alloy, over time its outer plating will wear away and reveal the yellowish gold alloy underneath. This means you'll need to periodically visit the jeweler to have the ring re-plated. But with platinum, you’ll never need to worry; it's bright white all the way through! So not only will your platinum band resist wear better than gold, but ring wear will also be less visible, and need less attention.


Our platinum is 95% pure. Platinum can remain this pure because it is inherently a robust, hard metal whereas gold is quite soft, requiring other metals to strengthen it. For that reason, the highest recommended gold content for rings is 18k, which is only 75% pure. Gold can also be alloyed with a number of metals, which means that while the gold itself is safe, people can rarely have allergic reactions to the nickel in white gold or sometimes even to the copper in rose gold. But our platinum only has one alloy, ruthenium, which is another member of the platinum family and, like platinum, is hypoallergenic. It's also the most durable of all the Platinum alloys. This results in a hypoallergenic, durable ring with a fantastic dollar-to-metal value!


Did you know that platinum develops its own unique finish over the years? It’s true! This special finish is referred to as a “patina of wear”. It gives your ring individuality and authenticity, and many (myself included!) love the way it looks. However, if you prefer to maintain a high shine, simply polish the band with one of our low-cost polishing cloths a few times per year, and voilà—no patina!


Platinum is recognized the world over as the most luxurious of the precious metals. When responding to the inevitabe compliments and curiosity for your ring, you'll never need to use "it's actually just," or "it's only." You can proudly inform them that it is platinum, thank you for asking! (You’ll also have the perfect excuse to dress fancy and drink beverages with a pinky out.)

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