Find an enduringly classic comfort-fit wedding band crafted of white gold that offers more heft and weight than standard wedding bands. Our luxurious heavy white gold wedding rings for women and men are infused with more metal for your jewelry wearing pleasure.

Same Classic White Gold Band Style

All bands in this collection feature a traditional solid band design made of 14K white gold. Now you can enjoy the clean, modern look of white gold in a thicker style that meets all your expectations.

Thick Appearance and Heavy Feel

As soon as you get a look at your gleaming heavy gold ring, you'll appreciate its extra thickness. Because there's more metal content, your ring is going to be that much more durable over the long-term. Choose heavy bands if you prefer a bold looking wedding band with classic appeal. Once you slip your gorgeous ring on your finger, we think you'll also appreciate how wonderfully substantial it feels.

Exceptionally Comfortable

Just because you desire a heavy white gold ring, doesn't mean you have to give up an inch in comfort. Every one of our heavy white gold bands includes domed comfort-fit. Not sure what that is? When you see us mention "domed comfort-fit" it means that your ring is constructed to include a smooth interior dome, which protects your finger from the normal stresses and strains of wearing a wedding band. That's a convenience that you'll certainly want, especially in the larger heavy band sizes.

Why Choose 14K White Gold?

When it comes to choosing the best 14K white gold comfort-fit men's wedding band, or the most attractive 14K white gold comfort-fit women's wedding band, our collection is right on the mark. Whether you prefer a 2mm heavy white gold band, 5mm white gold wedding band or a big and bold 12mm band size, 14K gold offers you the richness of upscale fine jewelry with good to great durability.