8mm Domed Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring

SKU: 620-1118mm
  • 8mm Domed Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring
  • 8mm Domed Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring
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8mm Domed Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring

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SKU: 620-1118mm
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Product Details

Description Our most requested wedding band style, this classic domed band is not only rounded on the top, but also on the inside surface. This allows the ring to slide easily around the finger for the most comfortable fit available.
Type of Fit:
Comfort Fit
4-14 in full & half sizes
2mm mm
Up to 30 chars Inside
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8mm Domed Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring
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Average rating:
average rating 100%
29 reviews

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Great service Great product 01/28/2008
By Carl A.
Doing business with e-weddingbands.com has been great. I purchased two Tungsten domed comfort fit bands. They were sent quickly, and when I needed to exchange for a smaller size they turned the shipment around the same day. They have been responsive, informative, and gracious in all our communication. Many of the local shops were down right rude when we were only interested in tungsten. I think tungsten is an ideal material for a wedding ring, the tungsten rings are incredibly durable, after two months they don't show a single scratch. In my line of work I'd be afraid to wear a platinum ring for fear of destroying it. I wear the my ring all of the time, which makes my wife very happy. I looked into titanium, but titanium scratches easily and is too light. The tungsten has enough weight that I miss it when it's not there. Someday we will upgrade hers to platinum and I will definitely buy from e-weddingbands. The customer service is great, the prices are the best, and they sell a
average rating 100%
Finally a ring I enjoy wearing 03/18/2009
By Michael Getter
My wife and I were looking for new rings that will be comfortable and keep their shine and new looks for a while. Our old gold rings are all scuffed up and look pretty dull. Everyone of my married friend's rings look pretty much scuffed up and dull. So we read reviews about tungsten rings and decided to give them a try. We love them. I hardly ever wore my old wedding ring, but I wear this one every day. Its heavy, so it feels nice, unlike those plastic-like titanium rings. Comfort fit is REALLY comfortable and I was unable to scratch the ring so far. And I tried. :) It has a deep almost liquid shine to it and I think overall is far superior to any other metal out there. I specifically am not talking about their low cost, because when we were looking for the rigns - cost was not a significant factor. I like my ring so much - I bought the second one, just in case I lose the first :) (something I probably would not have done if they cost over $1000 like some platinum rings here).
average rating 100%
They did everything right! 05/18/2009
By Nils A.
I ordered 2 rings to be sent to Norway. To get the sizes right (due to our different measuring system), e-Wedding Bands sent us a size-measuring set for only $5 (they are free if sent to U.S. addresses). That did the trick, and we got our correct-sized rings soon thereafter. Nice, safe and very good information. The Tungsten ring is very special. If you are looking for white ring, then get Palladium. The Tungsten color tilts weakly towards a grayish, carbon color that really separates it from other rings. The rings biggest asset I would say is its shine and luster. Its shine gives a sort of "Lord of the Rings" feeling. The shine probably will never fade. The symbolic value of the strength and luster of this ring is what sold me.
average rating 100%
Happy customer! 08/06/2015
By Jose Vergara
I purchased a Titanium ring, from another site, and it looked great the first week. I gave it a good review and after a month the ring looked HORRIBLE! I have this Tungsten ring now for about 3 months and let me tell you this ring is AWESOME!!!! If I could give it 10 stars, I would! It has a good weight to it, it's nice and thick and I love how it shines! I work with my hands and I use hand tools everyday so in other words, I'm not easy on it. This ring still looks like it just came out of the box! I mean it doesn't even have a scratch on it! I can honestly say this ring is for the working man. I get compliments on it all the time. All it needs is a quick wipe and it shines like new. This ring won't disappoint you.
average rating 100%
Perfect! 05/17/2016
By Sarah Gallagher
Ordered this one for my husband. It's perfect! More perfect than perfect! We shopped around at a couple of jewelry stores and this band was up to $300 and had a 3-4 week order time. We got all the information about the style and found e-weddingbands.com through some Internet searching. Best decision ever. Not only did he get the exact ring he wanted, but it was at a fair price and it arrived about a week after we purchased it. We were so impressed! Highly recommend this service to anyone looking for fair prices, great quality, and reasonable order times! Thanks, you guys!
average rating 100%
What a deal! 04/16/2008
By Heather
We bought a similar ring for double the price, then saw this one online. I am so glad we returned the other band and bought this one! Not only did we save money we will be happy to use on our honeymoon, but I think this one looks nicer. Everything was simple, and it arrived fast! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who has better plans for their money than over-priced jewelry at big retailers!
average rating 100%
Perfect service for the perfect day! 07/15/2009
By Steven C.
I love this ring! I have seen it in several jewelry stores for a much higher price, so for 95$ + shipping + customs fees, you are getting a great deal! Shipping to Canada was incredibly fast. I am very much impressed by E-wedding Bands. I would not hesitate in buying another product here (although I will not need another wedding band...!). Highly recommended!