Please note: the way jewelers determine ring sizing is NOT consistent! Many couples have visited a local jeweler to have their ring size determined, only to discover later that a ring in that size is not a perfect fit. This may not be the fault of any particular party involved, just please be aware that some jewelers use different methods when determining ring sizes. Many retail jewelry stores use metal ring sizing sets which generally come in a narrow width for women and wider width for men. Most of these sizers are not rounded on the inside like a comfort-fit ring, so the fit and feel of an actual comfort-fit ring will be different than the feel of the sizers. And since wider rings fit more tightly than narrow rings, the width of the ring you choose is also a big factor in how a ring fits and feels. When determining the size of a ring, jewelers use the tool shown below, called a ring mandrel.


As shown on the mandrel image, we would determine the size of the larger ring to be a size 10, and the smaller ring to be a size 6. While most jewelers use the bottom or leading edge of the ring to determine the size, as we do, others use the middle of the ring. They may also determine the size for a tapered ring or a comfort-fit ring in a slightly different manner than for a ring that is not comfort-fit. There are also slight variances between ring mandrels, even those that come from the same manufacturer. All of these factors contribute to sizing frustrations

Here at eWeddingBands, we have made great efforts to assure that all of our mandrels are calibrated to match so we deliver consistent ring sizes. We have also made every effort to consistently match the sizes of the plastic ring sizers we send out to help you determine your correct ring size.

We hope that when your eWeddingBands ring arrives it will be a great fit, but if not, we strive to make it as easy as possible to have the ring sized or exchanged for a good comfortable fit for your finger. We offer a 30-day window to exchange or size your ring so you can even wear it for a few days and see if you just need to get used to the feel of it.

If you have any questions about ring sizing, please contact us so we can help!