Here's what recent customers are saying about us:
(These are real quotes from real customers - we have not changed them in any way - we want you to feel at ease knowing so many people have had a fantastic experience at e- Wedding There are many pages to read if you like!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring today. I LOVE IT! It is even nicer than I thought it would be. The styling is beautiful, and the diamonds are much larger than I thought. Thank you for your wonderful service, and beautiful product. I will absolutely order from your company again.
Constance B, OR, December 2009

I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. Excellent product, very satisfied with it. Thank You and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you'all !!!
Vincent, Puerto Rico, December 2009

Thank you so much this is my third order and I will have future orders thanks again.
Tammy R, AL, December 2009

Thank you so much for getting my wedding band to me on time. I really appreciate you putting a rush on it. Thanks again.
Cythia G, NY, December 2009

You, and your co-workers, made good-faith efforts to evaluate my situation (with stellar attitude). Attitude and good team effort mean the world to me, thank you. Why not show your up-line staff this note to add to their "happy file"? We're always training, training, responding (seems like mostly to the unreasonable folks:-). Whenever I encounter excellence, I like to tip the morale scale back the other way by speaking up! I'm more certain than ever that eWeddingbands has excellent business culture, internal standards, and a customer-based service mentality.

I can only hope the owners/administration are as good to staff... Why do I point out the obvious? IT'S SO UNUSUAL IN THE BUSINESS WORLD TODAY. You stick out like a "green thumb," if I can mix metaphors. In addition to my massage therapy practice (Right-brain), I use my engineer Left-brain for business consulting, training, and mentoring. I find these endeavors a nice counterbalance. Whatever I'm about, I specialize in noticing and responding to details constructively. I notice and encourage excellence, never unreasonable perfection (impossible). How one manages glitches along the way is a telling indicator of culture and character. I think all good people recognize and appreciate excellence, I merely never miss an opportunity at pointing it out. Well done, eWeddingbands and team.
Victoria R, IN, November 2009

Thank you so much for allowing me to exchange my wedding band. I sent my ring to you on Monday and received it back today. That is fast service! The band now fits perfectly and the engraving is exactly what I wanted. You guys rock!
Tim M, ID, November 2009

We received the rings this morning. First, I would like to remark that they look GREAT, and we are very happy with them. This is definitely one of the few times I made a purchase online (without seeing the physical product) and been pleasantly surprised as the product surpassed expectations. Secondly, I would like to thank you for the exemplary service you gave me. You were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely efficient. I would definitely buy from eWeddingbands again, unfortunately I am hoping I won't be getting married again! But of course, we will recommend you to all our friends.
Photini S, NY, November 2009

Thank you so much! It is exactly what I expected and more, its beautiful and just as described! Perfect! Very well made and fits perfectly!

Terry N, AZ, November 2009

I just wanted to let you know my wife loved her ring! Thanks again for all of your help.
Chris B, OH, November 2009

I was completely satisfied with my purchase. The ring is gorgeous! Plus it was a wonderful savings! We saved almost $200.00 as compared with the Jewelry Exchange discount store. I have several people that are interested in checking out your site. Thanks so much
Jennice B, CA, November 2009

Our ring order arrived today and far exceeded my expectations! Thank you.
Carolyn L, CT, November 2009

I received the ring yesterday and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. This was a very quick and easy exchange. Thank you so much!!! You have a great company and I will definitely recommend it to friends.
Rachel S, WI, November 2009

We received the ring today and we are quite happy! Again, thanks for your great customer service recovery!
Valarie R, OH, November 2009

Thank you for your help in buying my new wedding band ring! You may remember that I have lost my 57th wedding ring about 2 months ago. I tore up our house to find my ring because it was so important to me. It means so much to our marriage. I finally decided to buy a replacement with reluctance. I called you and with your help, you have provided to me a replacement which is so very suitable to me and my bride. Thank you for your help. I received my ring today and I am delighted! Thanks much!!
Gleason P, NC, October 2009

I just want to thank you and all those involved for all your effort in getting the rings shipped so soon. I am amazed. You said you would put a rush on it and you certainly did! I can't wait to get them. Thanks again and I will most definitely refer e-weddingbands to all my friends.
Michele C, AZ, October 2009

I can’t thank you enough. You as well as have gone above and beyond in terms of customer service. You have a genuine customer for life.
Jeremy S, IL, October 2009

We have received our rings today and we absolutely love them. I'm really happy with your service and the rapidity of the shipment. We will for sure recommend eWeddingBands to our friends. Thank you so much.
Allan H, Canada, October 2009

Thank you so much. Once again, I swear you guys are the VERY BEST!! I love you guys. I wish more companies were as good as you guys are. Keep up the Great work!
Lisa T, NY, October 2009

Rings are perfect, thank you very much.
David M, FL, October 2009

Greetings, ewb. Got the ring today and I absolutely love it. What a beautiful band! Great job! Thanks so much!
Ricky A, NC, October 2009

Thanks! You guys rock!!! Great service!!!
Sarah B, MA, October 2009

I received your email and I wanted to thank you. I have already went online and placed my order. I believe that customer service is the key to great sales and you are at the top!! I will recommend your company to anyone who asks about purchasing rings and your company will be the first I go to when I can afford to buy my diamond ring. Thank you again and have a great day! Very Satisfied Customer.
Sherry H, WI, September 2009

Thanks for the GREAT customer service and for all your help.
Kim E, UT, September 2009

I had a problem that I created on my own with trying to purchase a ring off your site. It turned into a problem with my credit card company but you have an employee by the name of Jillian. She was absolutely wonderful! Helped me fix my credit card problem and even called me back to let me know she had handled everything. Thank you so much and with customer service like this I will never use another jewelry source.
John S, TX, September 2009

Just wanted you to know we received our wedding bands last week and we are VERY HAPPY with them!!! We not only received them quickly, but the quality is wonderful (and the engraving is very nice as well). We will definitely be recommending you to others! Thanks very much.
Dean B, CA, September 2009

Thank you so much. We both just love the wedding band. I plan on telling everybody about you all. You guys are great...
DeeAnna T, OK, September 2009

I am quite satisfied with the wedding band I purchased. It’s really a very nice band. Thank you.
Barbara G, TX, September 2009

On Thursday I received the new wedding band from you. It is absolutely beautiful and is exactly the same as what I lost...size is perfect. Thank you for such terrific service and for a great product.
Eric M, PA, September 2009

It's nice to see a company who still takes care of their customers.
Jerry L, FL, September 2009

Thanks so much we received the rings today at noon!! Your company rocks rocks!!
Tina S, WV, September 2009

We have indeed received theringsn and they arrived very fast. The rings look lovely! The rings look very nice, the prices seem very fair and the handling and shipping went very fast, so thank you very much!
Merijn S, Netherlands, September 2009

We got the rings this afternoon! THANK YOU very much for your help - they look perfect!
Kelly C, NC, September 2009

To the staff at eWeddingBands, I just received my rings from Fed-Ex. From the tracking online, I thought I was going to get the rings tomorrow, but I received them today! Needless to say, I was happy about that. I also want to tell you how beautiful the rings are--so simple and elegant! They are a little darker than the pictures online, but I love the color and how shiny they are. On a final note, thank you for calling and confirming that it was me who placed the order. That shows a personal touch and shows you care about your customers.
Carolyn L, AR, August 2009

I just wanted to send a quick note to you folks to let you know that I just received my fiancé’s wedding band in the mail yesterday and we are completely thrilled with it. The process of getting this band has been the easiest thing that we have had to do for this wedding and I can't thank you enough for that. Customer Service was awesome when I called for clarification on the website, the ordering process was quick and easy, and the turn around time (from ordering to delivery) was incredible. Plus, the ring is gorgeous and exactly what my fiancé wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You definitely will have positive word of mouth advertising from me!
Lindsay C, CT, August 2009

I just received my new Newport wedding band, yellow gold with white gold center, moments ago and am thrilled with it. I think I like it better than the old Newport (yellow gold and titanium) that it replaced. It's plenty big but the comfort fit will hold it on comfortably. Again, I am totally thrilled with my new wedding band.
Gwen N, GA, August 2009

Thanks so much for taking care us. Again, thanks for your help. You all's quick and personalized response is why we chose to purchase our rings from you in the first place ;-)
Matthew F, TN, August 2009

Thank you for all of your help. The rings are amazing. You guys are the best!
John N, CT, August 2009

The wedding band I ordered just arrived here and I opened it to find it is an exact match to my wife's ring and the one I lost, right down to the 14K mark inside the band. The size is also correct. Absolutely perfect! You guys are great. Thanks for all your help. I'll be back to order again and recommend e-Wedding Bbands to all my friends. Thanks again.
John C, NC, August 2009

You just made it an awesome week. The band was great and you've made this whole process delightful. Thanks for being so nice and patient with a first-timer.
Liem N, TX, August 2009

Wow! Thank you so much for rushing it so that I even get the chance to surprise my wife with the new ring! A service like this is not standard at all, we will definitely recommend your store to everybody who is considering to buy their rings online! Best regards!
Tim H, NJ, August 2009

We received our wedding bands yesterday and we love, love, love them! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!
Sara B, CA, August 2009

Thank you for all your help with this matter. Other than a small little mishap with a lost email, you guys have been a WONDERFUL company to work with.
Nicole S, MI, August 2009

Recently my husband lost his wedding band after 15 years. Our anniversary was right around the corner so I decided that would be the perfect gift. I did a lot of searching and price checking before I found I was shocked and amazed at the prices, so I took a chance the quality was there too! The ordering process was a breeze and the delivery was prompt. The ring was gorgeous! Unfortunately it was too big. My first thought was I was out of luck because I had it engraved and it was a comfort fit band. I had always been told once you engrave a comfort fit band it was yours. however took my ring back and sent me another one no questions asked. I have never been so pleased with a company. The ring is beautiful. My Husband is very happy and I saved $100.00 not to mention the hassle free shopping. I would, and have recommended to my friends & family! Thank-You so much for being such a great company!
Maureen H, AL, July 2009

Thank you! I appreciate the level of service that I have received thus far from you all at Everyone has gotten to me so quickly and returning the ring was very simple as was ordering and the shipping was on time. I am very impressed and appreciate the personalized service. Thanks so much.
Rachel O, KY, July 2009

I want to let you know how great your service is. I've been very impressed with the level of quality and detail that you provide. I will definitely be leaving positive feedback on your website. I looked at a number of sites before I decided to buy from you and you were untouchable in terms of quality, selection, ease of site navigation, and price. I work for a large retailer so I completely understand the goal of satisfying a customer's needs and you more than met mine. Thank you for providing a great shopping experience.
Kyle S, MA, July 2009

The 8mm Palladium ring arrived yesterday and it looks great, very classy and sophisticated! I really like the silver color of the Palladium metal, not too bright, not too dark - just right. The "Brush Script" custom font came out very nice and the ring fits perfectly! We love it and it will be a very handsome symbol of our loving union. I can't wait to wear it next month on our wedding day! Thanks so much for your help, you folks are so easy to work with and I would recommend
David B, TX, July 2009

Thank you so much for getting that out so quickly! We had it about 27 hours after I placed the order. I've been bragging about your service since. Thank you!
Patty M, MD, July 2009

Just wanted to let you know the ring arrived yesterday and fits well. It also looks good with my engagement ring - small so it doesn't take away from the larger ring, but noticeable because of the differing texture. And the symbolism is meaningful to me. Thanks for your help and may the Lord bless you.
Ellen S, PA, July 2009

By the way your service (customer wise) is excellent and it has been a real pleasure using your site. Got it a day early, thanks again for the great service!
Stephen Z, VA, July 2009

Thank you so much for your speedy response. I have to say that the customer service that I have received throughout this process has been fantastic. Thanks again!!!
Mitzi M, OH, July 2009

Thank you so much! Your company has been extremely helpful and I really appreciate all eWeddingBands has done to assist me for this very special day. I'll let everyone I know how helpful and professional you have been. Much thanks.
Kim B, CA, July 2009

We were married last month after purchasing our wedding bands a few months ago. We love the rings, which were a great value, perfect fit, beautifully engraved and promptly delivered. Even though we had a misunderstanding with one of the customer service reps early in the purchase process, we were quite impressed when the manager called us personally to address it. He was apologetic about the miscue and gracious and solutions-oriented in helping us to resolve it in a way that really exceeded our expectations. These days it’s refreshing to deal with a company that is serious about taking excellent care of its customers. We felt that they went above the call of duty and we are confident recommending to anyone looking for the convenience and value of online shopping combined with old-fashioned, high-quality customer service.
Steven D, CT, June 2009

Because you've been so exceptionally helpful I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know that we've decided to buy rings at a local jeweler in New York. I just felt so unromantic about ordering online. But I will certainly recommend e-weddingbands to all my friends. The service is great and we would have ordered online if we had felt differently about it. Thanks again.
Miriam S, NY, June 2009

Your selection, speed and very reasonable prices have you guys the only place I look when I lose my ring, which happens all too often. I bought my current band for you and couldn't be more pleased with the service and product I received that time. In fact I've steered a couple other people who were looking for wedding bands to your site.
Ryan M, OH, June 2009

I spent some more days trying it on and the weather here, mucks it about all that much more. The ring FITS and it is AWESOME. We both love it tremendously. We are so glad we got this one. Thank you.
Hayden K, Australia, June 2009

I received the ring today and it is even more perfect than the photo! Thank you so much for your personal time and efforts! I love it :)
Tonja L, TX, June 2009

My ring arrived a day early and is perfect. My wife is thrilled. Great service and product.
Dave M, NH, June 2009

The ring is perfect! Thank you so much! I shopped around online as well as jewelry stores and I'm so glad I purchased from you. I feel I got excellent quality at the best price. The ring sizer you sent wasn't offered anywhere else either. That made buying online much easier. Thank you again. I couldn't be happier with the ring!
Kim S, CA, June 2009

Just wanted you to know that I've already submitted a rave review of the wedding ring I ordered for my fiancé--which arrived a few hours ago--to the company website. Like everyone else who gets a ring from you guys, I'm so impressed! I'll be spreading the word to any friends looking for rings in the future....Many thanks.
Lisa C, WI, June 2009

Thank you for your fast replies to my questions. You have great customer service, at a time when many businesses are lacking.
Aaron U, NC, June 2009

The ease of selecting, ordering and receipt of the ring has been a smooth procedure from start to finish. Customer service exceeded my expectation as well. The ring, I am happy with. The ring fits my style well. I would tell any one that asks to go to eWeddingBands for their rings. My recommendation is also due to the customer service you provide is by far the best I have encounter in a long while. I believe that is the part selling the rings, yes the rings are lovely and I think the rings sell themselves; but it is the detail that the customer service provides that makes the whole transaction easy. Please continue that great customer service that you provide.
Robin P, NV, May 2009

Thank you SO much for your incredible service! Ordering my ring so close to the wedding date was a big concern for me, but you made sure I received my ring overnight and it’s amazing! I received it faster than I could have imagined, it’s more beautiful than the picture relayed, and the price was unbeatable. Your great service and wonderful product will be top-of-mind when I look down at this ring I will wear for the rest of my life!
Brian O, IL, May 2009

Thank you for your email following up on my recent purchase. My experience with your company was perfectly pleasant and professional. Everything was shipped and handled as promised. The ring is beautiful and I feel the value is exceptional. I would not hesitate to purchase from you again and could recommend the same to anyone.
Ken B, NJ, May 2009

I purchased my wedding band from here, because they were one of the only places that had titanium bands in all sizes. I was looking for the smallest band possible. I was extremely happy when it arrived. I have been wearing it non-stop for 3yrs now and love it. I loved the price and the quick shipping. No need to purchase from anywhere else.
Sylvia G, KY, May 2009

Thank you so much Jillian!!! You have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process! I have to admit, we were a bit hesitant to purchase rings off the internet, but now I have to say that I am SO happy we made this decision. I have received the best customer service from you - better than when we have actually gone INTO a store. I won't think twice about purchasing from again!!!! - And I will definitely recommend the company to friends/family. Thank you so much! What an outstanding company!!!
Karla A, Canada, May 2009

Thanks for your customer focus and what turned out to be a very reasonable and positive buying experience - awesome service!
Jason W, United Kingdom, May 2009

Thanks for the great service. We ordered both my wedding ring and my fiancé’s engagement ring from you guys and both times the turnaround time was much better than expected. Even when my ring was too big, getting the ring exchanged was quick and easy. Keep up the great work!
Dylan W, MN, May 2009

I received the wedding band today. It is very nice, as I expected.
Marcelo S, Canada, May 2009

The ring arrived and it is EXACTLY what I wanted!
Michael M, NC, May 2009

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you, I just got the rings and they are perfect and you saved us over 400.00. The order process, shipping, everything was as smooth as could be!
Charles M, MN, May 2009

WOW! You are wonderful. I am looking forward to recommending you to my friends in the future. My fiancé’s wedding band arrived yesterday and it is perfect. Thank you so much for a really nice experience and for your help during the ordering process.
Heather L, CA, May 2009

I have just received the new band with size 8. Perfectly matched my finger.. Thank you very very much. Really appreciate it. You handle it in a very professional way.
Teuku G, AR, May 2009

Thank you so much! Your customer service and the promptness of response is greatly appreciated.
Gavin B, CA, May 2009

I just wanted to say 'Thanks'. What a pleasure doing business with you folks. In a time, where I've come to expect shoddy product, broken promises & couldn't care less customer service, you shocked me in every category. Everything about my transaction was better than expected or hoped for. Jillian is an ace. Never lose her. Shopping the net, I 'thought' another on line store had a better price. But I was not comparing apples to apples. When I did compare the same item, you had them beat, hands down. Return policy is better. I was pretty sure I'd need to return the ring, because I was afraid I'd order the wrong size. You have by far the best policy for return, for any reason. As it turned out, I got the correct size. Okay, the size. I needed an odd size. No extra time required for you to deal with this. The other guys needed extra time. Time was an issue. My fault. But I was up against the wall to get it by a certain date. If all went well, I'd have it on the last possible day. But you beat that.
Fred D, TX, April 2009

When looking for the perfect band, my husband decided he wanted a domed, comfort fit, with step down sides. I wanted it in heavy 18kt gold, but it wasn't on the website. I sent an email query to see if one was available. Even though it wasn't a stocked item, they were able to add the step down sides to the band I wanted for a very nominal fee. I wasn't comfortable doing a special order on the form, so I called in to place the order, and I'm so happy I did. Not only were they able to do it right the first time (no worries), the person I spoke with was even able to expand the engraving by a few characters to get what I truly wanted inside his ring. Thank goodness he has large fingers! It was a great experience because of the knowledgeable, friendly, and personal service I received. ...and he LOVES his new ring.
Jean S, CA, April 2009

I wanted to thank you for all your help. You've been most helpful and kind while helping me with my troubles. So far, I have nothing but praise for you and your company. I hope that we can do business again in the future. I also wanted to mention that I will be writing a set of articles about rings and related stuff. I wanted to mention how good your company and you were, I hope it is ok with you that I do that (ie: a small review of my shopping experience with you). Thank you again for all your help and effort.
Piotr K, Poland, April 2009

If the ring is anywhere near as good as your customer service, I'll be jumping for joy. I was going to contact you today, just as a reminder that I needed that extra attention on my shipping. I can tell you're busy there, and could see how my little order & its special needs, could fall through the cracks. But it's not necessary. I had three messages in my inbox. One from you folks that appears computer generated with my FedEx tracking#, one from FedEx with the tracking#, and this personal one from you. Before leaving the house this morning, I'm worried the ring won't be here by my deadline, and instead, it looks like it will be here two days early. You guys are fantastic! Many thanks.
Fred D, TX, April 2009

Thank you for your swift reply and excellent solution to our problem. I will be ordering two sets; one for me and one for my fiancé living in Australia. I will definitely be buying our rings from you guys. It seems you are rock solid when it comes to both business and information service. Thank you again for your help. I will be telling my friends about your business.
Nils A, Norway, April 2009

I love, love, love the wedding band. I bought it to match an engagement ring made out of the same material, Palladium. I previously had a white gold set and it was stolen. I also had a platinum brushed band years ago and I like the Palladium as well as the platinum. I definitely like the look of this better than the white gold. It has more of a silver look to it.
Teri C, MO, April 2009

You guys are awesome. It was quick, convenient and I loved the ring.
Christina V, TX, April 2009

You guys are AWESOME!!! We weren't expecting you to ship out the new one the same day you got the return. Rachel was lamenting how naked her thumb felt without her ring, so we're both very happy she's scheduled to get it tomorrow :) Thanks so much!
Shawn H, IL, April 2009

We received the rings they are perfect, just what we wanted. Thank you so much.
Kevin P, United Kingdom, April 2009

I have to be honest, my experience with your company was fantastic. My inquiry was quickly and personally answered, the band is beautiful and arrived exactly when I expected. It has been a great pleasure and I will certainly recommend you to others who are looking for wedding bands!!!
Kayla S, MD, April 2009

Wow!!! The ring is here already! That was amazingly fast! It's perfect!! I tried it on and I think the sizing is right on. Anyway, thanks very much for your customer service and really fast shipping!
Sean M, Canada, April 2009

Just wanted to let you know, we received my fiancé’s new ring last week & we are both so happy with it!! He loves the style, colour & fit. I also wanted to thank you for making this experience so positive, I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who is looking for rings.
Deborah D, Canada, April 2009

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ring and wonderful customer service. I purchased this for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary that is coming up. You have made this very special for me. I will recommend you to everyone!
Heidi M, TX April 2009

I just received the rings. They are great!!! Thanks for your help. You guys are very professional.
Yannick F, TX, April 2009

I received the ring today and want to let you know that I am very pleased. It is a replacement for my original wedding band from almost 30 years ago. This ring, while identical in design, is actually of much better quality.......a heavier piece. I had been putting off replacing the original for many years as I could not find an identical replacement. Thanks to the internet and your web-site.
Rachelle R, NJ, April 2009

I got the rings today. Thank you they are perfect.
Amanda P, LA, April 2009

Thank you so much Jillian! We couldn't be happier with his ring! It even came a day earlier than expected, we will definitely use your company in the future. Thank you so much again!!!

Nicole T, MI, April 2009

I have ordered several rings from you and am always pleased with the product and customer service!
Dorothy K, SC, April 2009

I received a confirmation call soon after I ordered the ring, and very friendly and helpful customer service when I had questions. I received my husband's wedding band in a very timely fashion. It came with a guarantee. Everything was so easy, quick, and the cost of the ring was VERY reasonable. Thanks!
Katherine Y, WA, April 2009

Thanks, I got the wedding band and it fits great. Thanks for the fast service.
Tom B, OH, April 2009

Thank you so much for an easy exchange! I really appreciated the ease of it - with all my wedding stress I didn't need more and you guys were awesome! Thank you!
Kelly T, CO, April 2009

Really beautiful ring.....This is perfect for my daughter-in-law to be......Her hands are so tiny..........My son fell in love with this ring and I was not too sure..........But I am now......
Debbie G, CO, April 2009

Thank you! I appreciate your timely service to make my wedding happen this Thursday morning! I'll tell all my friends where to get wedding rings on time! I am very appreciative for your help!
Irina B, NC, April 2009

Thank you very much! We are very happy with your company; you guys have been great!
Mallory A, OK April 2009

Your company was great to work with, and the wedding band is beautiful.
Robert O, OH, April 2009

We just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived in great condition-- we couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for your help in making sure that we were 100% satisfied with our purchase. You have a great company, and we wish you all the best--esp. through these hard times. Thank You.
Alicia K, CO, April 2009

Everything looks great! Thank you so much for your help. You have made my day knowing I got his ring for him! He will be so surprised! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. I will definitely recommend your business to my friends.
Rhiannon M, FL, April 2009

The wedding bands just arrived....they are gorgeous!!! I love the engraving, mine fits just perfectly. They are really solid and substantial rings.... Thank you so much for all you guys have done and your patience with us while we decided which rings to get. And they got here really fast! Thanks again, I will recommend you to all I know!
Jodi S, MN, April 2009

I just received our wedding bands, they are lovely, thank you so much for all of your help, we really appreciate it!
Ambeeka R, Trinidad, April 2009

I received my ring this morning. All I can say is wow. Wow to the ring. Wow to the price. Wow to the customer service. Wow to You guys did a fantastic job in every aspect of complete customer service. I appreciate the job that your company did for me.
Lee S, NC, March 2009

Thanks for your wonderful service.
William L, GA, March 2009

I was looking for a wedding band that was flat because of exercising and the work I do as a receptionist, my hands are always moving. I didn't want a band that would catch on anything plus I had a budget to maintain. The woman who I spoke with knew my needs and suggested a certain band. I was very pleased and it was exactly what I was looking for and the price as well. I would recommend anyone to this web-site and plan on buying all my jewelry needs. They were professional and courteous as well.
Alison D, CT, March 2009

The rings arrived. They look very nice. You did a good job.
Tim T, GA, March 2009

Recently, I purchased an 18K dome shaped 6mm size 8 wedding band; I am totally pleased with this purchase and would recommend eWeddingBands to anyone considering an e-net retail purchase of such an item.
Charles T, NJ, March 2009

We got Gary's wedding band yesterday. It is excellent. He loves it and the fit is perfect. Thank you so much for your professionalism. You have very satisfied customers. You and your company are to be complimented on the service (you) and the excellent follow-up emails.
Judy F, FL, March 2009

Thank you for the rings, we loved :) I will recommend.
Cristina M, FL, March 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I got my fiancé’s wedding band yesterday & it is even better than anticipated. If only everything in wedding planning could be this easy... Thanks so much!!!
Katherine B, OH, March 2009

I just wanted to add that the customer service from your company has been great! My friend recommended you and said you were great to work with as well - thanks!
John S, OH, March 2009

Thank you so much for lining me up with such a great ring! I proposed on Valentine's Day last month, and it all went smooth and she is in love with the ring. You can just tell. It's pretty easy to tell when they just stare at it all day. I wanted to say thank you.
Matt L, UT, March 2009

I received the ring today and I love it! Thank you so much, especially for such fast service!
Heather M, CA, March 2009

Received my ring! Its perfect, thank you!
Hila B, CA, March 2009

You folks at e-Weddingbands are fabulous customer service reps and truly go the extra mile for a customer. I would recommend your store to all my're all very sweet and very helpful.
Sharon M, Canada, March 2009

I received our rings today and we just love them. My husband loves his ring. Thanks so much!
Kristie R, NC, March 2009

. . . as a guy who has never worn a ring before, the whole wedding band shopping process can be intimidating. People typically prefer to do business with a 'brick and mortar' jewelry store so they can try on the ring and make sure it fits and is the desired style. Unfortunately, no store carried the ring I was looking for. Thankfully, I came across during a Google search and found exactly what I wanted. I did have reservations about doing business online just because I couldn't try on the ring before purchasing. Even though I determined that I needed a larger size and a different finish, I was pleasantly surprised how easy the return process was. Your staff is helpful and extremely prompt not only shipping, but also processing orders. I would highly recommend your site to others searching for wedding rings.
Neal J, FL, February 2009

Great service, Great purchase and Great Price!!! I went all over the city to find size 4, 8mm, gold plain wedding band. Nobody had it in stock, even Jared. The prices for a custom made ring were ridiculous. So I decided to go online. I was so happy to find what I want and get a fraction of a price from what I would pay in stores. I got the ring within next couple days. Even got a call from the customer service to verify the order (since it was so odd). The ring fits great. I can’t wait to put it on! Thank you for having such a great selection and wonderful customer service! I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Marina L, PA, February 2009

Thank you for the ring delivered as promised, it is perfectly what I wanted. Your site is a keeper!
Debra B, NY, February 2009

Thank you so much for our lovely wedding rings! My husband and I are delighted with the quality of our rings. The service we received from has been exceptional. As you will remember I had a dream about marrying Jay long before I met him. I was excited to find the wedding ring described in that dream on your website, and the fact that you're located in Provo, Utah, adds to the mystery as my first visit to the United States 20 years ago was to WordPerfect Corporation headquarters in Orem/Provo, Utah. Thanks again to you and all the team!
Elsa M, February 2009

Thanks for being such a cool organization...
Jean K, OR, February 2009

I wanted to say THANK YOU! I ordered the 8mm Bevel Edge Black Carbon Fiber & Triton Tungsten Diamond Ring for my Husband and he loves it. This is a ring that I can say it was worth buying. My husband is very picky when it comes to jewelry, but when he got his ring he was so blown away by it that all he said to me was "Now this is a Mans ring". What I liked the most about it was the fact that it did not cost much and but it looks like it did. Thank you again for putting a smile on my husband and my face.
Yecika C, NJ, February 2009

Thank you so much for all of your assistance on my order. The rings are beautiful!
Vicki H, IL, February 2009

Carol, you and everyone are SO AMAZING! I will always sing your praises and recommend you to EVERYONE! Wow, I had no idea how amazing your customer service was until I really tried!
Christina P, NY, February 2009

I am quite impressed. You managed to match the offers even offering a better quality ring and with a fast response! To be honest I am impressed to the point of being surprised. That kind of service seems rare these days. That really is a great package price! You have been extremely helpful and assuming delivery and the quality of the rings are as good as other reviewers have mentioned, I too will be wholeheartedly recommending the e- Wedding Bands site. Thanks a ton!
Graham J, Canada, February 2009

Thank you! I already love your business. When my original order confirmation said I could e-mail Jillian if I had any trouble, I didn't really believe it. I'm a part of this newer generation that doesn't really long for the "good old days" of personal service (I'm 30), but this is very nice. I appreciate your promptness and your willingness to help.
Lloyd W, SC, February 2009

FANTASTIC, AWESOME, YOU ARE ALL GREAT!! PRODUCTS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SERVICE IS WONDERFUL MY HUSBAND AND I BOTH LOVE MY NEW WEDDING SET. I have looked and looked for a simple elegant set that I could afford. You made it possible Thank you so much........I will recommend eWeddingBands every chance I get.
Karen B, CA, February 2009

Brilliant, thanks! I must say that all of the communications I've had with eWeddingBands over the phone have been great. Your customer service is fantastic!
Joseph M, CA, February 2009

My ring is so beautiful everyone who sees it comments on it. Thank you, you have been so wonderful to work with. It really has been a pleasure, and such a relief to have a trustworthy resource for these important items.
Angie & Brian F, MD, February 2009

I have received the ring and it fits great! Thanks a lot for your great customer service.
Steve P, MI, February 2009

I received my order right on time, as promised. I can't thank you enough. It was perfect! Your sales person and company ROCK! Thank you very much for helping to make our anniversary perfect. Now this is how an on-line company should work! Excellent customer service. Bravo!
Erin W, TX, February 2009

EXCELLENCE!!! Our rings are perfect...just as every detail of our entire experience with e-Weddingbands! Your Customer Service is as exceptional as the beauty & quality of the two rings we ordered. We couldn't be more pleased! Not only were our rings everything we hoped them to be, but your Customer Service representatives were extremely gracious, reassuring and nothing less than exemplary professionalism as we rushed to exchange our initial order for more correct sizing and a few other minor changes (due to misjudgment on our part). eWeddingBands helped patiently & caringly in everyway possible, kept their promises, delivered exactly what we hoped for and always on time. We couldn't have asked for more! From our experience, eWeddingBands has set the bar for standards of excellence in every way. Thank you.
Ann W, NC, January 2009

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience with my transaction. I made my order for a 5mm and changed my mind to make it a 6mm and called and apparently my order had just made it to the goldsmith, it was apparently "no problem", I was willing to leave it. I was made to feel like the customer came first. I then realized how long it had been since I felt like that in this society. Thank you for that experience. The wedding band came, and I could not be more pleased. My husband loves how it looks on me and the dome is very appealing and actually there. We saw so many that said dome, but left you wondering what they were seeing. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
Chryss G, KY, January 2009

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my ring purchase. After shopping at my local "upscale" jewelers, and every chain in my area I just couldn't find anything to suit my fiancé’s taste and my budget. Buying online caused some hesitation, but I cannot tell you how pleased I am to sing your praises. The ring is exactly as promised with the quality I was looking for. Thank you very much, and I will recommend your company to anybody within earshot.
Marilyn P, IL, January 2009

Buying wedding bands on-line is such a dubious and worrisome thing, and as the months go by, I was disheartened of ever finding the perfect wedding rings and was considering the boring designs available in the stores here in Singapore.

That’s when I bumped into almost entirely by accident. I went through the website, and really like what I saw. Of course the huge problem was that I’m living all the way here in Singapore, and I wouldn’t know for sure if the rings will ever come my way. In fact a lot of my friends and family told me it was a dangerous thing to make purchases online, especially a site that has no one here has ever heard off.

However I fell in love with your titanium rings collection so I dropped in an email to you.

Even with the 12 hour difference, Jillian was very prompt with her responses and emails. She also even allowed me to send the first ring to my friend's house in Ohio, as he will be coming back to pass me the rings personally. Jillian managed to assure me and the rings arrived promptly and in great condition.

Seeing how the first ring got to my friend without any hassle, I was now confident to purchase my second ring again from Again, Jillian provided polite, warm and prompt responses to my queries.

Your ring designs are a big hit over here, a lot of young couples wanted to know where we purchased it. I told them about your website, and also of the excellent services.

So thank you very much for providing the perfect rings (I literally searched the world for them!) and please give a hug to Jillian for me for the wonderful service! :)
Norain B, Singapore, January 2009

My fiancé' and I want to thank you for the wedding bands we purchased from your website. To tell you the truth, I was a little worried about ordering them on the Internet. I was concerned about sizes, 3mm vs. 4mm, about return policies and quality, but we couldn't be happier. The Milgrain bands we ordered are just beautiful. Thanks again.
Debra H, IA, January 2009

I received the ring yesterday and it is lovely. Very elegant and the diamonds shine brightly! I am very pleased with the quality and will recommend you company to others. Your service is great and it actually came a day earlier than expected. I was able to track it throughout the shipment route. Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure speaking with you as well. I am sure I will enjoy my ring for years!
Jackie W, FL, January 2009

Many thanks!!!!! :-) The customer service is so amazing, we will be sure to come back for our permanent plat bands. Thanks!!!!
Christina P, NY, January 2009

We received the bands today and they both fit great! Perfect timing as we are getting married on Thursday. Thanks again.
Suzanne D, CA, January 2009

Purchasing from eWeddingBands was so easy and we got our wedding band within days of ordering. I highly recommend eWeddingBands. I wish I knew about this sooner!
Suzanne K, MA, January 2009

The ring just arrived...thank you so much for taking care of this. It is way nicer than I thought it would be. Amazing service!
Kim H, NM, January 2009

You all have been super awesome through this whole purchase!!! Thank you for the update and the quick response. I will definitely be using you all in the future for our next purchase. Definitely one of the best e-retailers on the net!! Much Thanks
Rose G, VA, January 2009

I am so grateful to your customer service. The rings were perfect but the groom wasn't. Your people were friendly and helpful. With all the cancellations and returns I had to do, you really stand out. You went out of your way to be helpful, and the refund was prompt and more than fair. Thank you so much.
Kate R, LA, January 2009

I just received the ring and I have to say, it looks awesome. It is beautiful! I received it earlier than I expected which is good, I am getting married on Friday now, 3 days away. Your service and communication are to be commended. I would definitely recommend eWeddingBands to everyone.
Pamela C, CA, January 2009

I received my order today, a day early! The ring is very nice, just exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your fine products and service. It was easy and pleasant to do business with you. I will recommend you to my friends.
Jim D, IL, January 2009

WOW! Thanks so much! We got the band yesterday. You guys are fast! It's a beautiful yet manly band and we love it!
Kacy H, TX, January 2009

I am writing to let you know our new rings arrived today and they fit and feel perfect. I will recommend eWeddingBands to anyone I know who is in need of rings. Your products are beautiful and your service is the best I have ever had from a jeweler. Prices are great too! Thanks again.
Karen B, MI, January 2009

The ring arrived at the time you had stated. I am so pleased with the quality and beauty of the ring, it couldn't be any more perfect. Thanks again for the good service.
Ardith M, MT, January 2009

Thanks for the great service! I will definitely refer you guys whenever I have the chance.
Steve L, VA, January 2009

The ring from eWeddingBands is awesome. It fits my fiance perfectly and it looks great.
He can't wear it until the big day....but we wanted to make sure it fit. First class! It shipped immediately too. Nice customer service. You actually do what you promise! Thanks again.
Carol A, TN, January 2009

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