Cobalt chrome possesses an everlasting and uncompromising strength that is 5x harder than gold. Because of its reliable strength and extreme hardness, it is shatterproof and scratch resistant.

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Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

How does Cobalt Chrome compare to Tungsten and Titanium?
Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are the hottest addition to our exciting collection of alternative metal wedding bands. They feature many unique properties and characteristics, the most obvious being a premium bright white color! Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are much whiter than tungsten and titanium wedding bands and are often compared to platinum in appearance. Since the bright white color isn’t just a plating, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands will stay white forever.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are less scratch-resistant than tungsten wedding bands, but more scratch-resistant than titanium wedding bands and precious metal wedding bands.

4x Harder

5x Harder

7x Harder




Resizing tungsten and titanium wedding bands is nearly impossible, but Cobalt Chrome wedding bands can tolerate slight sizing adjustments without adding or removing any metal.

The weight of Cobalt Chrome wedding bands falls right between tungsten and titanium wedding bands. Cobalt Chrome is heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten. Cobalt Chrome wedding bands have a pleasing weight and feel that is very similar to gold wedding bands. As a result, they are extremely comfortable to wear.

When considering the best values and properties of today ’s alternative metal wedding bands, the attributes listed below will show you why Cobalt Chrome is a smart choice!

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are incredibly hard and provide an uncompromising strength.

Because of its tremendous strength, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are shatterproof and will not crack.

Its hardness and reliable durability has proven it to be more scratch-resistant than precious metal wedding bands.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands don’t contain harmful alloys such as nickel that cause allergic reactions.

Because it’s purely natural and can be tolerated by the human body, Cobalt Chrome has been highly accepted and used within medical practices for years.

Permanent Luster
Cobalt Chrome wedding bands feature a natural and long-lasting high luster that never fades or discolors over time.

Can a Cobalt Chrome wedding band be cut off?
Yes! Please be aware that in any situation where it might become necessary to cut off or remove a cobalt wedding band--for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc.--cutting through cobalt will be more difficult than cutting through titanium, gold, platinum, or palladium. However, it can still be done.

In our own jewelry shop, as in many other jewelry shops, we have a cutting tool specifically designed for cutting through wedding bands while they are still on the finger. These tools can be equipped with interchangeable cutting blades or separating discs that will allow them to be used for removing almost any wedding ring, including gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, and cobalt. Cobalt wedding bands are so hard they require a diamond plated separating disc, but these discs are readily available and make it possible for virtually any jewelry shop or emergency room to safely remove a cobalt wedding band. The removal tool can be hand cranked or used with a mini power tool, and cutting through a cobalt wedding band only takes about two minutes. Like titanium, a cobalt ring has to be cut from two sides to allow the two ring halves to fall off the finger, so with both cuts the total removal process for a cobalt wedding band takes about 4-5 minutes.

During our 35+ years of jewelry repair experience, we've only seen a dozen or so rings that have been cut off in hospital emergency rooms, and in most of those cases the rings had been bent out-of-round and were putting painful pressure on the finger. Because of their hardness and durability, cobalt chrome wedding bands are less likely to crush or bend out-of-round, so if you shut your hand in a car door or drop a heavy object on it, you might be safer wearing a cobalt wedding band than if you are wearing a precious metal wedding band! Nonetheless, please check with your local jeweler or medical facility if you have additional concerns.