There's truly something special about classic sterling silver bands. The pure silver wedding band is neither too flashy nor too subtle - it's just right. Milgrain silver wedding bands are an alternative to plain band rings and feature distinctive edging that looks a lot like tiny silver grains.

Affordable Elegance

Sterling silver remains a popular choice for wedding rings (and for all rings styles) thanks to its natural beauty and affordability. If you already enjoy wearing sterling silver jewelry, we make choosing a silver wedding band a piece of cake. Milgrain bands are made of the finest quality sterling silver metal and their exterior is so well polished, you can see your reflection when you hold your ring up to the light. Each ring is precision crafted by jewelry artisans to ensure uniformity of look and feel. When you want an elegant, yet budget-friendly ring, Milgrain silver bands are an exceptional value.

Comfortable to Wear

Compared to standard sterling silver rings, Milgrain sterling silver rings are more comfortable to wear due to their domed interior. All rings in this collection feature comfort-fit, which means you can slip on your ring and it glides easily over your knuckles and sits nicely on the finger. You may also notice that there's little to no friction when wearing this type of ring, and that's by design. If you plan to wear your wedding ring every day, comfort is a major factor to consider.

Ideal for Matching Rings

The Milgrain design looks just as nice on women as it does men, which is important when you have your heart set on wearing matching wedding bands. The only thing that may differ is ring size, and has got you covered in that department. Find Milgrain silver rings in sizes ranging from 3mm to 10mm, our widest band in this style.