More comments from recent customers:

This month is my one year anniversary, and I had to find the perfect band. Your company was the best place I found that could get me a wedding band engraved in such a short time. I would recommend e-weddingbands to anyone I know. I can't tell you how much I appriciate the swiftness that your company showed in getting me my bands, as I am the typical man€always waiting till the last minute! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David B. Washington, PA, April 2002
I am floored!!!! I just received my fiance's new platinum band from you, and it is EXACTLY how I imagined!!! Exactly. I am so thrilled with everything. I want to thank you both and for such a great deal and a fabulous ring. Michael will love it just as much as I do. Thank you so much. I could not be happier!
Misty, April 2002
You Guys are so wonderful!!! Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and most important the most beautiful wedding band, for my future husband. It was so easy, fast, and the most friendly service I've ever experienced. I will definatley recommed others to your company. You are the sweetest people I've ever dealt with. I'm very happy with my purchase. Have a wonderful day..
Sherri C., TX, April 2002
Hello. The rings came today! I cannot tell you how beautiful they are-they are just amazing! I want you to thank everyone that helped make them. They will be the best part of our wedding! Take care.
Lisa and Patrick, April 2002
Allow me to the the first to thank you and the incredible personel Employed and associated with My wife and I appreciate the efforts of everyone, for insuring a rapid delivery of our perfect rings by our wedding date. Your expediant responds to our procrastination warrants lifetime appreciation. My wife loves her band and I adore the uniqueness of my band. I would like an address so that I can send a formal letter of appreciation to your managers and staff.
Rodney H., April 2002
I want to thank the people at eWeddingBands. We not only think our new titanium bands are absolutely beautiful, but they are a great alternative to the more expensive, and often politically controversial, gold and platinum. The price is reasonable and the service was wonderful. I will recommend your titanium rings to my family and friends. Thank you all!
Susan W., AL, April 2002
I got my husbands ring in today, and just wanted to say I LOVE IT!! Great Job..Great Customer Service.. thanks for a GREAT experience !!. I am telling everyone I know to buy from you guys.. Thanks!!!
Renee, MA, April 2002
Just wanted to send a note, and thank you so much for all your help with our rings. We received them back Friday, wow, less than a week, and they are perfect. You guys are great. We really love the rings and appreciate your wonderful customer service. Thanks,
Leslie & John E., NM, April 2002
Just wanted to let you know that I got the ring the other day and am VERY pleased with the quality and the fit. I must admit I was a bit hesitant ordering via the Internet, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks SO much!
Karen M., NY, April 2002
I just wanted to let you know that the rings arrived safely...they are gorgeous and we are looking forward to wearing them! Even Doug, who doesn't like to wear jewelry at all seems happy with his ring! (Of course, that makes me even more happy!) Thank you for being so patient with me and all my questions, too! Aloha!
Linda, HI, April 2002
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product and service. I had looked at jewelry shops in the mall and seen similar products for three times as much. The ring I bought from you is beautiful. The stores I had been in said that it would take weeks to order any ring I wanted and one jewler even told me that titanium could not be engraved!! I of course purchased a titanium band from you in a half size WITH engraving (gasp!) and recieved it four days from the time I ordered it online. Everytime I called to check it's status I was greeted by a very nice, professional associate and was told how the order was coming and when it was shipped. This weekend is our fifth anniversary and I wanted to give him something special. Thank you SO much for making this possible!
Helen S., April 2002
Just received the 4mm 14k in white gold band today and I just have to say... I LOVE IT!!! For the price, I was expecting something cheap and light. But when I got it, I was really pleased with the quality and weight of the ring. Your customer service is #1. I would recommend your company to everyone I know that is looking for wedding bands. Thank you so much!!! I will purchase from you again
Sue S., OH, April 2002
Dealing with you you guys has been a snap, I really like the your user friendly web site, I will reccomend it to all my friends.
Bill K., IN, April 2002
The ring arrived yesterday and it is beautiful, fits perfectly. Thank you for everything including the correspondance for all my questions. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you for everything,
Keith E. April 2002
Just a quick note to say Thank you for the brilliant service from e-Weddingbands - our Titanium rings arrived two days ago and they are really lovely. I have particularly appreciated the good communications from you regarding when you have despatched the rings, and the speed with which you dealt with our request to resize them. I'll be recommending you to friends!! Many thanks,
Sue T., UK, April 2002
I GOT IT, YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY. Thank you for putting up with me, I can sleep at night. It is great, fantastic and fabulous. I don't know what more to say execpt thank you very much, once again. Thank you and take care,
Alan S., Scotland, April 2002
It's amazing that I've never seen your store or had the pleasure to meet you in person. But, you were able to custom create the wedding band my fiance and I envisioned through a mere phone conversation like you lived next door. I was astonished when I received the wax replica you sent me. So, of course, we were elated with the finished product. The time, energy, and personal service you provided is much appreciated. I'd also be remissed if I didn't mention the fabulous price. Kudos to, your company is a complete class act.
Deric C., CT, March 2002
Thank you so much! Your service has been wonderful so far. My Mom is a wedding coordinator in Phoenix, who does about 500 weddings per year. I will tell her about the website and hopefully she can pass some business your way. If you have any literature you want to send to me, I can pass that along as well. Thanks to the both of you! P.S. - You would think having a Wedding Coordinator for a Mom, that I wouldn't be doing things at the last minute like this!...
Lindsay, CA, March 2002
I just received the wedding band and it is beautiful!! Thanks for a great product and for making the transaction such a smooth and easy one. I will pass on your web info to anyone I might meet looking for wedding bands. Thanks again,
Michael M., March 2002
The ring arrived on time. Its beautiful. Thank you very much. I fly out tomorrow afternoon and I cant wait to see the look on his face when i give it to him. I apprediate your help very much and i will be sure to refer you to everyone i know who is looking for rings and things :) And i will be sure to do business with you again. Thanks again.
Corinne C., NY, March 2002
Thank you so much! Your company has saved the day. Not only did you have larger sizes available you got it here before Thursday. Your incredable. Thank you again,
Jacqueline H., March 2002
Wonderful, fantastic, amazing.... what else can I say? I ordered both wedding bands on a Friday, in rather an odd size with engraving, and only one week later (last Friday), here they are! They're gorgeous, they fit great, and I got a great deal compared to the local jewelry stores. Julia was great to work with, too! Thanks so much!
John H, IN, March 2002
You are the greatest!!! Your company is wonderful and I am telling everyone I know about you! Thank you so much. My fiance and I are so happy with the customer service and quality of your company and product. Keep up the good work. I wish there were more companies like yours!
Mellissa, MI, March 2002
Thank you so much! I'm going to your website right now and ordering my ring. The detailed emails you've sent have provided us with all the information we've needed. I can't wait to get my ring. The customer service your company provides is unfounded in these times. You certainly have gone beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much for you assistance in making this very important purchase. I can't wait to get my ring and then recommend e-weddingsbands to everyone I know. THANKS!
Kelly C., MO, March 2002
Thank you so much for your help. I have truly enjoyed doing business with you. Your company has been very customer friendly, helpful and reliable. Thanks so much for making my wedding day planning a breeze! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!
Amber D., March 2002
Hi, I am so glad that I found your company and I think it is great. We received our 2 bands yesterday and everything was correct and shipped quickly and the prices are terrific compared to the mall jewelry stores. It is great to have such good service nowadays!
Denise P., PA, March 2002
I received my wedding band yesterday and although I am not married and wearing it yet, it fits and looks great. I wanted to let you know that I was weary making this purchase online, but now I am glad to have done it because of the money that I saved compared to my local jewelers. You have a great service! Thanks again!
Brian S., OH, March 2002
I just wanted to let you know that I got my ring this morning, and it's wonderful. I can't tell you how pleased and impressed I've been with your customer service and now with your product. I honestly never would have expected it to arrive so soon. Thank you for your excellent communication and customer service. One of my best friends has recently gotten engaged, and I will give him my highest recommendation for shopping with you for his rings Again, thank you very much for your excellent customer service and wonderful ring. I could not be happier.
Ken W., GA, March 2002
Got the ring I ordered today and just wanted to tell you thanks! It looks and feels/fits great! I'll pass your "e-service" along to friends. Once again, thank you!
Gary Tompson, March 2002
Thanks so much Jeri. I appreciate the personalized reply. :) I loved the choices on your website. Puts the 'major' jewelers to shame! Take care,
Jill, VA. March 2002
Hi, I just got back from my honeymoon and I wanted to write to let you know how much we like your on-line company. Your website is well organized and direct and your prices are among the lowest we could find, but even more important to us was your quick and friendly customer service. We love the rings. The engraving looks great, the rings themselves are beautiful and they arrived faster than we could have hoped for. Overall, I think your site is one of the best on the web and we will recommend you to any friends we have who are looking for jewelry and we will definitely use you again if the opportunity arises.
Athena &Andrew G., CA, March 2002
Just wanted to let you know that we got the ring on Tuesday, and it is gorgeous! It's perfect, fits great, looks good! We love it! Wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for us. Your company was very easy to work with, very fast, polite, helpful. It was a great experience ordering it, which is rare these days. You responded to us personally, and quickly, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. My husband loves his ring! Thank you so much, truly!
Raylan B., March 2002
I love the ring, haven't taken it off since I got it. I'll definitely keep it and enjoy wearing it. Thanks so much for all you effort and help. Hope to do business with you all again soon.
Alison L., VA, March 2002
I just got the ring I ordered. I love it, and I hope he will too. I Will have to have him try it on, but the ring and engraving surpassed my expectations. It will make our renewal of vows just that much more special. Thank you,
Kathi, OH, March 2002
Great! Loved your website and your affordable prices. Just some feedback after checking multiple sites with a simliar product. I appreciate you letting me know when your sending out the ring so we can watch- nice added touch!!! Have a great day!
Elizabeth C., MN, Mach 2002
Just wanted to let you know that I got my fiances ring today! It's perfect! Thank you so much!
Sandra B., MO, March 2002
We want to thank you so much for your help concerning our weddingring-order here from Germany. We had a wonderful wedding day - with the very beautiful weddingrings that we were looking for. Greetings from Germany
Sandra, Germany, March 2002
I am so very appreciative that I found you....Your prices are wonderful and your customer service is unsurpassed...I am getting married on the spur of the moment...and we didn't have time to look and look for the rings...which we wanted to be very simple and elegant...your website had exactly what we needed at very affordable prices....when I called over and over again she treated me very well and with more patience than I had ever expected from anyone...Even when I called back this morning to track my package...the person that answered was very kind and patient with me...I felt as if I had nothing to worry about...AND when I got to work there was already a voicemail telling me that my package went out Fed Ex and to expect them today!!! Again...keep up the good work...and I will surely spread the good news about having found you on line and about your wonderful customer care. Thanks again!!!
Laura L. K., CA, March 2002
Thanks, and I wanted to tell you it's been nice interacting with you and your company. I really appreciate the immediacy of your replies and your helpfulness. I would definitely suggest your company to friends.
Sue P., St. Louis, MO, March 2002
Our wedding was this past Saturday. The ring came in time and is absolutely beautiful. John loves it and so do I. It's very classy--with a little decoration, but not too much. We told everyone where we got it. Thanks for all the great customer service all the way through the process. Feel free to use my comments on your website! Just as a little note--our ringbearers were bumblebees (killer bees if you ask them!) and we tied the rings to little ceramic honey pots! :)
Cindy V., Melbourne, FL, March 2002
Just wanted to let you know that we received our rings last Tuesday and they are beautiful! The quality is excellent--they are a heavier mm than some that we saw in stores, and at a much better price. The service and speed with which they were delivered was outstanding! Thank you!
Marie H., Wayzata, MN, March 2002
I finally found what my husband was looking for in a wedding band. It had to match my ring-something all the jewelry stores said could not be done. I am grateful for such a wonderful product but even more impressed with the company's service. My friends that are getting married have this company's information for a quality product and excellent service. Thanks so much!
Christy D., Knoxville, TN, March 2002
I just wanted to let you know that I got my ring yesterday and it looks really great and is the perfect size. Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service.
Bill J., Redmond, WA, March 2002
Thanks very much for your timely response. Once again, you have shown what a top notch company you are. I hope that my word of mouth praise sends you much business in the furure. Kudos to you for running a good old fashioned business in a "customer last" society. I'll look for the tracking number tommorrow. Thanks
Robert G., ME, March 2002
Thank you very much for sending out the rings so quickly we received them on Friday. We are extremely satisfied with the rings they are wonderful and fit well. Thank you again for you services and will to recommend you.
Trevor M., Cheyenne, WY, Feb 2002
When we initially ordered our rings, I made an error on one of the rings with yellow gold instead of the white gold that we had decided on. I had already sent the order by internet and changed the order the following day by phone. The customer service was helpful and organized and sent a confirmation that the order was changed. We also were concerned on how the engraving would come out since it was somewhat long. When we recieved them, they were exactly how we wanted them! We recieved the color we wanted and the engraving was very nicely done. Great Job...A+ work!!
Scott M. , Feb 2002
I am so happy, I got the rings today, on the 19th and they are perfect! I am sure you have seen some really bizarre inscriptions on rings, but you have no idea how happy I am that you got ours right. Just for the record, "gv ge yu hi" (pronounced Ko kay yo he) means I love you in Cherokee. Thank you so much for all of your help and wonderful workmanship.
Marie F., Coventry, RI, Feb 2002
Thank you for the excellent service. I will remember to mention your service to friends. You've been prompt and given superior service in my opinion for online shopping. Much thanks.
Stephanie G., VA, Feb 2002
I just got the ring in the mail! Thank you so much! I can't believe that the delivery is sooo fast! Thank you so much! You are a recommend plus for all of my friends and family! And thank you for the beautiful engravement!
Mai L., St. Paul, MN, Feb 2002
I just wanted to let you know that my husband LOVES his new wedding band. We've been married 20+ years and this is the first time I have been able to surprise him. Thanks for all of your help. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!
Dara B., NC, Feb 2002
I did receive it, and he loved it. It's a perfect fit and the engraving was absolutely beautiful! I will certainly recommend you, your customer service has been very prompt and helpful. Thanks,
Juliet J., MD, Feb 2002
I just want to say thank you for the wonderful service that I received this week. My husband lost his wedding ring just after we had been married six months. I wanted to get him a new one for Valentine's Day, but of course I waited until the last minute. I didn't expect to find such an incredible ring at that good of a price. Y'all were wonderful. It got here just in time, and it is perfect. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.
Deena H., Columbia, SC, Feb 2002
got the rings today, they arrived like yesterday i believe, but i wasn't home because i was interviewing for a job :). they are wonderful! i adore them and i tried mine on :) just couldn't resist fits beautifully. thanks so much for doing such a good job on them. we truly appreciate it and will keep you in mind if not for our own future use, we will defintely be proud to tell people where we got our wonderful rings. they truly meet our expectations, actually i think they went above mine :). thanks so much!
Grace, feb 2002
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent and personable service. I was thankful to have found your web site because I could not find the ring that I was looking for anywhere else (4mm white gold comfort fit with milgrain edge). I was very impressed with your web site and the selection and great prices that you offered. I also appreciate your prompt and personalized service. I ordered a ring sizer through the web site and received it promptly along with your personal email letting me know that the sizers were being mailed. Once I received the sizer, my fiancee ordered the ring and I was once again impressed with the personal emails that she received on the progress and her order. The ring arrived right on time and fit just right. So once again, thanks for your excellent service, selection, and prices. Sincerely,
Max C., Feb 2002
I just recieved my order this morning and it is just beautiful!! I wanted you to know I am very happy with the quality as well as the price!! I will definitely do business in the future with your company!! Thanks!!
Christina L. MA, Feb 2002
This message is to thank you for the best service ever. I've been searching (it seems like it has been forever) for a place to make my wedding band without any hassles and to have exactly what I have wanted. I've had a hard time finding a place that can make a ring my size. I've been told by many places to order the largest size that they carry (most places I've been to only go up to 12) and then bring it back to have it re-sized (which of course would cost me more money). I gave up looking physically and my wife and I began searching online. We found your company and read the introduction of your company and decided to order it from you. All the content in your website had everything that we were looking for and made it really simple to order. We don't do much shopping over the internet (have a hard time giving out confidential info online) but when we entered the credit card number for the order I noticed that the bottom of the screen had the security lock on it, which sort of eased my paranoia. Anyhow, I was a little worried that I wouldn't get my ring in time for my trip tomorrow morning and it turns out that you guys were a step ahead of me and just about 10 minutes ago, Fedex delivered my ring. It looks great and I can't thank you enough for the great job you've done in making it and delivering it to me so quickly. I am utterly impressed and just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and let you know that you have a customer for life and I've already passed your company's name to a few of my relatives, and will continue to pass it on to the rest of my family and friends. Thanks again for everything, you have no idea how much this meant to my wife and I.
Kelley & Vika B., CA , Feb 2002
I am so very thankful for the Internet and your web site. We had been searching in our community for quality wedding bands at affordable prices. This was a discouraging task. Then we did a search on the Internet, came across your site and saw the same rings that were advertised in the stores in our community for a much lower price on your site. We were a little hesitant about ordering jewelry online and decided to read the reviews. They were all so positive. Customers were satisfied with their purchase and we are too. The rings are lovely, the prices are affordable, the order and delivery confirmation was fast, the return policy is simple and easy, the site is secure, and the delivery was insured and FREE. What more could we ask for from the convenience of our own home. Thank you sooooooo much. You've just added two more very satisfied customers to your "Word-of-mouth" Advertising List. We WILL be ordering from you again i