Enjoy a thinner, lighter feeling wedding band without sacrificing quality by choosing a light platinum wedding band from eWeddingBands. Light simply refers to the thickness of the metal. These wedding bands are thinner than standard wedding rings, making them lighter, easier to wear and less obtrusive than standard wedding bands. Even though they're thin, they're still made of the same high-quality platinum that's used in our other jewelry, so you can feel good about buying and wearing them.

Ideal for Crafters, Laborers and More

Thin, lightweight wedding bands are the ideal choice for people that work with their hands. Because these bands are thinner than average, they're hardly noticeable when worn. They won't rub between your fingers or hinder your hand movements. Light platinum wedding bands are ideal for crafters, laborers and those that spend hours typing away at a keyboard. Because platinum is non-reactive, it's the ideal choice for workers in a variety of industries where standard metal wedding bands may not be able to be worn.

Domed Style

Light platinum wedding bands from eWeddingBands have a domed exterior for a traditional appearance. The bands come in a variety of widths, though all are thinner than a standard wedding band. Because they're domed, they will stick out from the finger slightly, with the highest point being in the center of the band. All of the domed rings are designed to be smooth on the inside and free of sharp edges.

Shop at eWeddingBands for the best selection of light platinum wedding bands with domed designs. We carry a variety of rings for men and women and use only the highest quality materials available for a superior finish and exceptional style. Order your favorite ring designs today and say, "I do" with a wedding band you'll be proud to show off. Our platinum wedding bands are priced competitively and ship quickly.