Palladium Wedding Bands

Completely white and more rare than gold, palladium is the epitome of modern elegance.  Our palladium wedding bands are exquisitely crafted in both classic and contemporary styles.

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PD950 Palladium Wedding Bands

E-Wedding Bands is excited to be the first online jewelry store offering a comprehensive selection of the most exciting wedding bands introduced by the jewelry industry in years: premium white palladium wedding bands! For years, jewelers have been wishing for precious metal wedding bands that are hypoallergenic and whiter than white gold wedding bands, but lower in cost than platinum wedding bands. When considering the best values and properties of today’s white precious metal choices, palladium is the perfect choice!

Platinum Group Metals
All of the palladium wedding bands from e-Wedding Bands contain 95% palladium and 5% ruthenium, a combination of two of the precious metals from the Platinum Group Metals*. This combination is referred to as 950 palladium or PD950. Palladium is one of the relatively unknown “sister” metals of platinum and shares many of the same unique characteristics and physical properties of platinum: both are naturally white precious metals, strong, non-tarnishing, and hypoallergenic. They are equally rare and are mined together in less than a half-dozen regions around the world.  Palladium was first used for jewelry when platinum was declared a strategic metal and reserved for military use in 1939. Since then, palladium has been the metal of choice for diamond setters. But with the formulation of newly developed 950 palladium alloys, palladium is now a smart choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Why Palladium instead of White Gold?
White gold is not a true white metal like platinum or palladium. It is made by mixing pure yellow gold with other white metals like zinc and nickel to change its color to white. As a result, it usually has a slight yellowish tint. To enhance the whiteness of white gold jewelry, it is electroplated with a true white metal such as rhodium or palladium, but these plated coatings will gradually wear off.  Palladium is naturally white, so palladium wedding bands will stay white forever, never needing the “renewed whitening” from plated coatings that white gold requires. Palladium wedding bands are the perfect choice for those with sensitivity to nickel because they are nickel free and hypoallergenic - unlike white gold wedding bands. The weight of 950 palladium wedding bands is almost identical to that of 14k white gold wedding bands, so they are very comfortable on the finger, as well as incredibly durable and virtually tarnish proof.   Palladium is an extremely rare metal, much more so than gold. It is one of the whitest of all metals and consequently yields wedding bands of extraordinary and uncommon beauty. 

How does Palladium compare to Platinum?
In virtually all jewelry circles, platinum is still considered to be the king of metals. Platinum wedding bands are approximately 60%-70% heavier than gold or palladium wedding bands. They are extremely durable and will last much longer than comparable gold wedding bands.  Plus, a high world-wide demand for platinum has driven prices much higher in recent months, making platinum wedding bands a great investment. Even the name Platinum denotes the highest standard available.  Like platinum wedding bands, palladium wedding bands may show scratches and other signs of wear slightly sooner than gold wedding bands.  However, the durability of platinum and palladium comes from their tendency to absorb mars and sharp blows rather than wearing away like gold.  Platinum and palladium may scratch more easily than gold, but the metal is simply pushed aside or slightly distorted instead of chipped away and lost as with gold.

So why choose palladium?
If your budget allows, platinum is still the king of all metals. However, palladium offers many of the same desirable characteristics of platinum at a much lower price. It is equally as white as platinum and whiter than white gold. Palladium is hypoallergenic, never needs rhodium plating, and is more precious than white gold. And, as a Platinum Group Metal, palladium wedding bands provide wearers with the same durability and premium white beauty that platinum wearers have learned to treasure. But perhaps the best part is that palladium wedding bands offer a pricing choice right between white gold wedding bands and platinum wedding bands.

Characteristics of Platinum/White Gold/Palladium:

Precious Metal

Specific Gravity

Melting Temp


Vicker's Hardness

950 Platinum


3235° F

Tin white


950 Palladium


2480° F



14K White Gold


1710° F

White to yellow


Why buy your palladium wedding band only from e-Wedding Bands?
All of our palladium wedding bands are machined and milled from seamless tubing right here in the United States, so our delivery times are short and there’s no concern about the quality issues we frequently see with cast wedding bands and imported wedding bands, which often require 2-3 weeks production time before they can be shipped to you.  Just like the other top quality precious metal wedding bands featured on our site, all of our palladium wedding bands come with the full e-Wedding Bands warranty and guarantee of satisfaction. We are convinced that palladium wedding bands are a perfect fit between white gold and platinum wedding bands, so find the style you like best and buy with confidence.

*The Platinum Group Metals (PGM) are iridium, osmium, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, and rhodium.