Do you want to personalize your wedding rings, but you and your significant other prefer to have your rings engravable on the outside?

Good news!

You can now create custom engraved wedding bands by adding meaningful sentiments on the exterior (outside) of most rings that are at least 5mm wide. The rate for custom engraved wedding bands and an outside engraving is $85. This price includes setup and engraving of approximately 20 characters (letters, numbers or spaces). More characters on your wedding band are certainly possible depending on the specific ring, size and font you choose. We highly recommend calling us if you want personalized engraved rings consisting of more than 20 characters. We'll bend over backwards to make sure your engraving choice is perfect for your desired ring style.  Please be aware that custom symbols or characters may require additional charges. Rings that are eligible for outside engraving have specific options for you to choose during the checkout process.

Mouse over each font to see sample engraving

Standard Engraving

Standard Font
Script Font
Edwardian Font
Bookman Font
Old Font
Colonna Font

Since we do custom engraving for our customers all the time, we get to see all kinds of creative expressions of love and devotion. Our favorite choices for custom engraved wedding bands are names of the bride and groom, an anniversary message, a special saying, children's names or a short phrase. For instance, let's say you've selected a 14K white gold milgrain wedding band. Your chosen sentiment may be something like this:

Richard and Karen
 30 Wonderful Years

Many customers choose to get wedding bands personalized with an outside engraving to create a custom Mother's Ring or Grandmother's Ring. This usually involves engraving the names of children or grandchildren around a ring like this:

Andrea - Marty - Julia - Richard

Or, band members choose cool matching black ceramic rings for women to celebrate years of touring. Their custom engraving might be:

Kate - lead guitar - Rock on!


Brooke - lead vocals - Rock n' Roll forever!

Get personalized wedding bands engraved and share your experiences with us!

We've had many wonderful responses from customers who chose to get their wedding bands personalized with outside engraving, and we highly recommend it as the ultimate personal touch.

Please note: When you order personalized wedding bands with custom engraved words, phrases or numbers, those rings are automatically ineligible for exchange or refund. We can't stress enough that it's extremely important that you double and triple check that everything about your ring choice is just as you want before focusing attention on engraving.

If you are unsure of your finger size (or ring size), we recommend you buy your wedding band first, try it on and make sure the fit and width are perfect. Remember, we can only engrave rings that are at least 5mm wide or larger. After verifying the ring's fit and appearance, return your ring to us for outside engraving. Please contact us if you need more information about custom engraved wedding bands.

Outside Engraving Options

Outside, to 20 characters - Any Offered Font - $85
Outside, to 20 characters - Your font - Add $19

Don't see your favorite font? No Problem! Select the Custom Font option on the order form and tell us which font you would prefer, and for a $19 set-up fee we will engrave all the wedding bands on your order with the requested font.

When you order, you will be prompted to choose the option of having the outside of your wedding band engraved with a personal inscription.