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Why try layaway?

  • Stay within your budget
  • No finance charges
  • No debt
  • Easy payments

Layaway is the smart way to pay for your purchases throughout the year.

Follow these four easy steps to get the wedding bands you want:

  • Place your order and select "Layaway" as your payment type. You will not be asked for credit card info or charged at this point.
  • Please contact us within 3 business days after placing your order to arrange for your first payment.
  • Make payments as often as you like by mailing in a check or calling in your credit card number.
  • We will ship your wedding bands when paid in full.
Service Fee: $5 for all new layaway contracts.
Cancellation Fee: $20 for all new layaway contracts.
Down Payment: $50 or 20% (whichever is greater) and is collected when your wedding rings are put on layaway. Down payment includes the $5 service fee.
Easy Payments: 3 payments of balance due after down payment. Make payments as frequently as you wish but a minimum of one payment per month is required.

Good news! You can layaway wedding rings at eWeddingBands.

That's right. We're one of the online jewelry stores with layaway, and our layaway plan makes it super easy to purchase wedding rings for your nuptials.

Why Use Wedding Band Layaway?

To ensure your wedding day is as special as you want it to be, you should plan carefully and spend money wisely. Wedding rings are one of the most important purchases you'll ever make.

By choosing our layaway plan, you can split up payments, which is much more budget-friendly. Jewelry layaway helps you afford upscale, beautifully-crafted rings you'll treasure for years to come.

Our Easy 12-Week Four-Step Layaway Plan

We've got one of the best online jewelry layaway plans you'll find anywhere. Simply follow these no-hassle steps:

Step 1: Order your desired ring and select the "Layaway" payment option. At this point, we won't ask you for any credit card information.

Step 2: Contact our customer service department within three days of placing your order. Let our friendly representatives know you wish to make your first payment.

Step 3: Make payments following your layaway plan. You can make as many payments as you like. Call us to make a payment by credit card or mail us a check or money order for a specific amount.

Step 4: After all payments are made, we'll ship your wedding bands to you pronto.

FAQ and Answers

How long is my eWeddingBands layaway contract?

You have 12 weeks to pay your balance in full.

Are there any fees?

Yes. There's a $5 per new contract service fee. The cancellation fee is $20.

Do I receive a refund if I cancel?

We'll refund any partial payments you've made on your contract up to that point, minus any service and cancellation fees.

What is the down payment?

Pay either a flat $50 or 20 percent of the amount due (whichever is greater). The $5 fee is included.

What's the payment schedule?

Make three easy payments after the down payment.

What if I miss a layaway payment?

We give you a seven-day grace period. After that, we cancel your contract and the $20 cancellation fee is applied.

How do I make payments?

Call our toll-free customer service number at 855-282-3500, or mail your check to EWB, 3248 North Canyon Road, Provo, UT 84604.