Are you looking for wide yellow gold wedding bands that fit your finger comfortably? Great! Our collection of heavy comfort-fit wedding bands for men and women are perfect for your special day. We also have thinner bands in heavy gold for those who prefer sleekness and a heftier weight than standard gold rings.

The Heavy Gold Difference

Heavy gold rings are heftier than their light and medium weight counterparts, and this is by design. When you select heavy gold metal, your ring is going to be a minimum of 2mm, which is still thin when compared to wider widths. The immediate difference you'll notice is that these rings look more substantial due to their added metal content. Also, they feel heavier on the finger, and this is a plus if you enjoy the feeling of rich gold against your skin.

Wide Widths for All Finger Types

As wedding band experts, we realize that your ideal of the perfect ring width may be different than someone else. That's why we don't box you into narrow cookie-cutter widths you don't find appealing. From experience, we know that plenty of people prefer a chunky, thick gold wedding band, and since we aim to please, our wide width collection offers classic band style in widths up to 12mm. That's good news if you're searching for an elegant women's or men's 14K gold 8mm wedding band, or one of higher or lesser width in the heaviest gold metal available.

By the way, all styles are made of 14K gold because this carat offers excellent color, sheen and durability for an affordable cost.

Built-in Comfort

Just because you prefer a heavy gold ring, doesn't mean you have to give up comfort. Every ring in this collection comes with built-in comfort-fit, a popular design feature that makes your ring slip on and off as easy as a glove. These heavy gold bands have a domed shape, and this shape ensures the metal feels good on your finger, and your ring never feels too heavy or too tight. Enjoy wearing your gold band day and night - we predict you'll only take it off because you really want to, and not because it's bothersome. You may like it so much that you'll want comfort-fit for all your rings.