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Ring size issues

Will changing my ring by a quarter size make a difference?

Most jewelers don’t offer quarter sizes because changing your ring that much is actually very slight; you may not feel the difference on your finger with such a small alteration. We recommend wearing your ring for a few days to allow your fingers to get used to the fit and feel of the ring. Occasionally we have customers return rings to be resized only to find out they didn’t need a different size after all.

My ring feels loose in the morning but fine the rest of the day, what should I do?

Fingers actually change size throughout the day and are affected by both physical activity and temperature. Usually human fingers are slimmest in the morning after sleeping all night. Physical activity and warm temperatures increases blood flow and cause fingers to swell. Conversely, inactivity and cold temperatures result in smaller fingers.

My ring is WAY too big or small, what should I do?
If your ring easily falls off your finger or won’t even go over you knuckle, you probably need to increase or decrease your ring size by a full size or more. Someone who wears a 9.5 size ring will also be able to wear a 9 or a 10. The decision of how tight the ring fits is personal preference.

To return your ring due to a size issue follow the same steps under "How to start your return". Just make sure to put the new size in the instructions section.

Please click here if you need further help in determining your ring size.

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