Free Engraving Options:

It's free to increase the sentimental value of your wedding band by adding a personal engraving. We offer a variety of options to make your wedding band unique. Our free engraving service allows you to engrave up to 30 characters on the inside of your wedding ring. We've determined the following fonts look best on a range of luxury ring metals. Don't see your favorite font? Don't worry, check out the custom font option below:

  • Standard Font
  • Lucida Handwriting
  • Script MT
  • Edwardian
  • Bookman
  • Old English
  • Colona

The inside of most wedding bands can hold approximately 30 characters and spaces. We recommend the standard font for 2mm, 3mm and 4mm rings because other fonts are not as readable on such narrow bands. Old English and Edwardian, for example, are so intricate that they become virtually unreadable when engraved into narrow bands.

Below is an interactive display to help you visualize our free fonts.

Mouse over each font to see sample engraving

Standard Engraving

Standard Font
Lucida Font
Script Font
Edwardian Font
Bookman Font
Old Font
Colonna Font

Our free service, allows you to machine engrave the following metals:

NOTE: Machine engraved bands are subject to a $20 restoration fee if returned for an exchange or refund.

Custom Engraving Options (price varies):

  • Two-line engravings ($5)
  • Three-line engravings ($10)
  • Custom fonts ($20)
  • Non-latin languages ($20)
  • Uncommon symbols ($20)
  • Laser ($35)
  • Outside engraving: ($85)

Two-line engravings ($5)

On many rings that are 6mm wide or wider, an optional second line of engraving can be added for a total of 60 characters and spaces. For more information please contact us!

Two Line Engraving

Three-line engravings ($10)

On most rings that are 10mm wide or wider, three lines of engraving are possible (30 chars. & spaces each - see specific ring details) for a total of 90 characters and spaces. Larger ring sizes frequently allow a few more characters to be engraved. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Three Line Engraving

Custom fonts ($20)

If you didn't see the font you would like to use listed, please contact us. We can usually find and use most fonts. If the font you need requires a license, we will likely not be able to use it unless you're willing to pay for the license.

Non-latin languages ($20)

We frequently engrave rings with Mandarin, Aarabic and other non-latin languages. There is quite a bit of extra work involved to make sure we get the engraving correct and use the right font. Please contact support to use a language that uses a unique alphabet or symbols.

Uncommon symbols ($20)

While we can easily insert common symbols such as circles, squares and hearts, for more complicated symbols please contact support. Expert tip, to indicate a symbol, all you have to do is put [heart] or [circle] in the engraving and we will insert that symbol.

Laser ($35)

We now offer a convenient laser engraving service which finally brings engravings to all our tungsten and ceramic loving customers. We use the latest laser engraving techniques to add your custom sentiments to our high quality wedding bands.

When engraving tungsten or ceramic, the engraving is not removable which makes this a special order service, and therefore not be eligible for a refund or for sizing exchanges. We highly recommend that you purchase and then try on your Tungsten wedding band before having it engraved. If it doesn't fit well or if you do not like the style, then you can make a change prior to having it engraved. Laser engraving adds three days to time to ship.

NOTE: Tungsten and Ceramic Engravings:

  • Not eligible for returns/refund (unless we made a mistake)
  • Not eligible for size exchanges

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Laser Engraving option.

Outside engraving: ($85)

Outside engravings are very similar to inside engravings. We don't engraving the outside of rings that are narrower than 4mm. We can also engrave images or symbols on the exterior of your ring. For more information contact customer service.

Need some specific engraving ideas for your wedding band?

Rings engraved on the inside can hide a sweet sentiment that only the two of you understand. Do you have a sweet or funny phrase the both of you enjoy using? Perhaps you've come up with cute pet names of one another (pookie bear, kitten, big mama, big papa, etc.).

You could also consider engraving the date of your first meeting on your bands, or making note of a day that changed your lives forever. Many couples choose to have their marriage date inscribed on the inside of their wedding bands.

Here is a list of ring engraving concepts commonly requested by our customers: (these ideas work equally well for a feminine or masculine ring)

  • Important dates (wedding day, engagement day, etc.)
  • Personal messages
  • Initials
  • First names
  • Nicknames
  • Special sayings
  • Song lyrics

If you're still not sure what to engrave, let us spark your imagination! Click here to see hundreds of fun, romantic, sentimental and humorous ideas.