When selecting wedding bands with diamonds, you may be curious about diamond clarity. Depending on the ring, the diamonds are going to come with a certain clarity rating, and you can find out the level of clarity when having your rings appraised at your local jewelers.
For your convenience, we've created this graphic diamond clarity chart. Below each graphic is a key consisting of letters and numbers. The diamond grade scale rating ranges from flawless (highest quality) to imperfect (lowest quality). To interpret the key ratings, read the corresponding descriptions below.

IF: Internally Flawless

Diamonds in this category are truly rare, valuable and expensive. When examined by a professional diamond grader at 10X magnification, few flaws are found, and those can be polished away with a stone.

VVS1 & VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Imperfect

Diamonds included in this category typically have tiny inclusions when viewed at 10X magnification. Flaws found while viewing the stone from the top are VVS2. Flaws found while viewing the stone from the bottom are VVS1. These diamonds are also very rare and usually expensive.

SI1 & SI2: Slightly Imperfect

Because natural diamonds are the result of volcanic eruptions that took place over a billion years ago, many contain geological imperfections. Diamonds in this category often have slight flaws such as crystals, clouds, cavities and knots that are hard to see with the naked eye. A trained diamond grader can spot these flaws under 10X magnification. These diamonds offer beautiful clarity when placed face-up in settings. Many professional jewelers consider them an excellent value for consumers seeking high-quality diamond jewelry.

I1, I2 & I3: Imperfect

These diamonds have flaws that place them in one of these three inclusion categories. When grader experts view the stones under 10X magnification, they can easily spot flaws that interfere with clarity and brilliance. At this level, the untrained eye may or may not be able to see flaws such as large crystals or feathers (an inclusion that resembles a feather). When it comes to diamond jewelry with a diamond clarity i2 rating, or any i3 diamond, we recommend giving these jewelry items a pass.

Color Over Clarity

While clarity is certainly a factor to consider, in our opinion, the color of a diamond overshadows the importance of diamond clarity.