Step 1: Diamond Shape
Please select your diamond shape and click Next. You may read about each shape and see a photograph of each shape below.

Round Diamonds
The most popular modern cut is the round diamond, officially called Round Brilliant. It has 58 facets which reflect maximum light and sparkle. More than 75% of all diamonds sold are round diamonds.
Princess Diamonds
Extremely popular in recent years, the princess cut diamond has refractive properties almost equal to the round brilliant. Perfectly square, or ever-so-slightly rectangular, the princess is the preferred square cut shape over radiant.
Emerald Diamonds
This elegant cut is typically reserved for larger diamonds of higher clarity and color, because the step-like faceting provides less opportunity to mask inclusions or imperfections of lower grades.
Radiant Diamonds Radiant
The radiant cut diamond is essentially an emerald cut, but with more facets, which gives it increased fire and brilliance. It has more facets than a princess cut diamond and the corners are trimmed like the emerald shape. It produces virtually as much brilliance as the round brilliant cut, and was first seen on the market in 1976. Popularity of the radiant cut has jumped dramatically in the last few years.
Asscher Diamonds
The Asscher is, in essence, a square emerald cut with 57 facets. Like the emerald cut, its step-like faceting provides less opportunity to mask inclusions or imperfections. It is quickly becoming a favorite.
Marquise diamonds Marquise
Named after the Marquise de Pompadour, this dramatic, elongated diamond shape is stunning when cut within the desired parameters of approximately 2 to 1€length to width ratio.
Oval Diamonds Oval
The luxurious oval shaped diamond is the most brilliant of all the fancy shaped diamonds because its shape is nearest to the round. Stunning by itself or as a 3-stone anniversary ring with 2 matching oval stones on the side.
Pear Diamonds Pear
Also referred to as the tear-drop shaped diamond. When set in a ring, the point of the diamond is typically worn facing outward to lengthen the appearance of the finger. Also a great choice for pendants!
Heart Diamonds Heart
Heart shaped diamonds are feminine and delicate. This shape is very difficult to cut and often hard to find. Some people prefer a heart shape diamond for sentimental purposes.
Trillion Diamonds
The trillion shape diamond has 50 facets and was developed in the 1950Ãs. Trillions have a very large surface area and often appear much larger than they actually weigh.