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Rendering: Cushion Diamond with Baguette and Round Side Diamonds
Rendering: Hexagon Halo Engagement Ring with Pave Split Shank
Rendering: Solitaire Engagement Ring with Custom Crown Rendering: Engagement Ring with Tapered Side Diamonds

Forget About Pushy Salesmen at Jewelry StoresDesign and Create Your Custom Ring From The Comfort of Your Home

With the latest state-of-the-art technologies, we have perfected the process of making your ring idea come to life from to 💍 in as little as one week -- all at a cost less than you would get at your typical jewelry store. It's a completely revolutionary way of making your dream ring come true, and is quite simply the most convenient and comfortable buying experience you will ever have with buying a ring.

Here's how it works:

  • 1 Send us a Text with images of what you’re looking for. Include anything important you’d like us to know (price range, finger size, etc). Email works too, if that’s your thing.
  • 2 We send you a quote based on what you’ve asked for. Quote is usually given within 1 hour if you request it during business hours. You’re gonna be amazed at how low the price is!
  • 3 Once you’re feeling good about the potential price, we’ll create world-class imagery of your ring for FREE. It may blow your mind. This process usually takes 24-36 hours. You may request any edits you desire until it looks just right.
  • 4 If you’re placing a diamond in your ring, we’ll send you 360 degree views of as many diamonds you need to find the one that looks just right – directly to your phone. All of our diamonds are certified by a major grading company. If you’ve decided on a Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia, skip to step 5!
  • 5 We either take a 50% deposit or set you up with financing, and begin creating the ring. The production process can take as little as 4 business days, but usually takes about 5. Remember, we’re creating this ring from SCRATCH for you!
  • 6 The ring is complete! You pay the remaining balance and receive your ring, complete with a lifetime warranty. You’ve made an excellent choice – be proud of yourself!

Our Technologies:

Our renderings speak for themselves – they’re unbelievably real. You can feel very confident that the ring you receive will look at least as good (usually even better) as the rendering. Why? Because of our next technology, 3D printing.

3D Printing
That’s right, 3D printing. We take the same 3D file created for your ring rendering and feed it through an extremely precise 3D printer. Your ring is printed in ultra-high quality wax and then cast into the metal of your choice. Pretty cool!

World Class Artisans
The final step deserves attention, even though it’s more of an art than a technology. Our veteran goldsmiths take your freshly casted ring and finish it. Your stones are hand set and your metal is hand polished. Your one-of-a-kind ring is checked meticulously and boxed up just for you.

What People Are Saying

Steve & Sierra Young (UT) I looked around at several jewelry stores for an engagement ring before finding eWeddingBands. Without fail, every store I went to I was pounced on by the sales men. I felt excessive pressure, stress, and kept a constant hand on my wallet. I didn't like being manipulated with sales pitches so I turned around and walked out of each one! eWeddingBands was a very different experience. I showed them what I wanted, and within a couple days they sent me stunning 3D renderings of the ring, and they nailed it first try! I was so impressed with their speed and craftsmanship that I have since purchased a matching wedding band for her, and a ring for me! All completely custom made. I couldn't be happier with their service, workmanship, price, quality guarantee, expertise, and enthusiasm for what they do. I would absolutely recommend them for everyone.

Burke W It was important to me to buy a ring that my bride would be excited to look at every single morning for the rest of her life. I️ knew that I️ needed to go the “custom” route in order to meet this desire. I️ am so grateful that McKay and his team took the time to understand the design and quality that I was looking for. We must have gone through 50 or more 3D renderings before I️ saw the ring of my bride’s dreams - I️ appreciated the patience and reciprocated desire to ensure the very specific vision that my bride had was made a reality. Never did I feel rushed or pressured to “make the sale” or “close the deal” as I did with all of the impersonal competitors. It’s amazing how the 3D renderings look exactly like the final product on my wife’s finger today. There is truly no need or room for guessing what the outcome will be with this custom process. I️ was treated like the most important customer which set my experience aside from all other vendors that we visited. My bride’s ring is absolutely outstanding. Furthermore, I️ appreciate the convenience of being able to have the ring cleaned and inspected on a periodic basis as well as the timely manner in which e-Wedding Bands is able to do so. I️ highly recommend e-Wedding Bands. I️ guarantee you will get the best bang for your buck for one of the most important purchases of your entire life. You will not be disappointed.

John S Working with eWeddingBands was simple, easy and painless! They made sure we felt comfortable right from the beginning to the end of the process. There was no pressure of pushy salesmen and they were so friendly! It was amazing working with them to design the ring of our dreams! The finished product was better than expected! I'd would recommend eWeddingBands to anyone and everyone! Fantastic service and even better products!

Lifetime Warranty

We warranty your engagement ring against defect in our manufacturing process for life. This includes loss of stones. In order to keep your warranty in effect, our goldsmiths will need to inspect the ring every 6 months. If you forget to send the ring at your 6 month mark, don’t panic - you can still send it to us! Once we have inspected your ring, the 6 month timer will reset.

We will clean and polish your ring for free for life. We will rhodium plate your ring 2 times for free, and will charge a very small fee thereafter ($20). We will also ensure that your ring fits correctly once it has been purchased. This free resizing period extends for 30 days after the ring is tried on. After this point, a modest sizing fee will apply.


You can finance your ring purchase! We offer 12 month 0% interest and longer terms with modest interest, depending upon your credit score. We will send the credit application directly to your email or cell phone, so it’s effortless. Applying for financing with us does NOT negatively influence your credit score.