Can't decide between a ceramic or a tungsten ring? Why not choose both? eWeddingBands carries a generous selection of contemporary ceramic and tungsten wedding bands. These rings incorporate smooth black ceramic along with cool silver-white tungsten into a single ring that's unique and daring. Our black ceramic tungsten wedding rings are beautifully crafted for your special day and are made from the finest materials available. Our 8mm tungsten ceramic wedding bands are perfect for men and come in a wide range of full and half sizes.

Contemporary Design

Two-tone tungsten ceramic rings have a contemporary design that's sure to please modern grooms. Tungsten has a natural white-silver color and when combined with black ceramic, creates a two-tone effect that's unique to modern rings. We carry black ceramic rings with inlaid tungsten as well as tungsten rings with inlaid black ceramic. All styles of rings are polished and carefully crafted for a seamless appearance.

Comfort-Fit Bands

Our tungsten ceramic rings are made with comfort-fit bands for prolonged wear. Comfort-fit bands have extra metal on the inside that creates a slight domed effect. The result is that the ring makes less contact with the finger for better comfort. The bands are made to slide easily over the knuckle and are a great choice for men or people that need to remove their rings for work or hobbies. Comfort-fit bands are available on all tungsten and ceramic rings regardless of whether the base material is ceramic or tungsten.

If you're looking for a wedding band that's unique, affordable and modern in style, consider a black ceramic tungsten wedding ring from eWeddingBands. Our high-quality bands incorporate the finest tungsten and ceramic materials on the market, making them a great choice for style-savvy grooms. Order your favorite black and tungsten ring today and enjoy the new modern classic style.