Per Amore Wedding Bands

per Amore Wedding Bands are inspired by the Venetian tradition of "l'anellamento," the ringing of the bride. Each artistic wedding ring is made with exclusive precision and artistry, making it quite possibly the perfect wedding band available.

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per Amore Wedding Bands

The Name
The Italian name per Amore means "For Love." Wedding bands crafted with loving care for your most important day and deepest feelings. When the ceremony is over, the flowers wilted, the wedding guests gone and the years tumble by, your wedding bands remain as the symbol of your most intense emotion. The per Amore productis all about passion and creating quality jewelry that remains distinctive and eternal.

The Manufacturing
Continuing a tradition in the finest wedding bands that began over four generations ago, per Amore wanted to create the finest brand of wedding rings in the world. Each wedding band is the result of extraordinary craftsmanship, yet consistent with the goal of exacting precision and quality. Born of fire and earth's mowst precious metals, per Amore bands begin with raw elements. Mixing, melting and using the unique Fusion Forged process under intense temperature and pressure, the creation of each band begins. Next, precious metal is then transformed one by one into a limited number of extraordinary wedding bands. Hand crafted and yet finished to tolerances of 2/1000 of an inch.

The Distinctions
Anything but ordinary, each per Amore design is made with passion. From generations of artisans dedicated to design perfection, even the simplest designs are engineered for perfect countours and comfort like no ring in the world. The new Quoin (pronounced like 'coin') edge is simple, elegant, unique and patented. Even the per Amore milgrain edge is renowned as the finest in the world. Whether plain polished, decorated, or with a fancy finish, each and every ring receives attention that is rare today... attention to design integrity and detail that makes it a work of art.

The Materials
Born from the finest of precious metals, per Amore is available in 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold with Palladium (nickel free), 18K Red Gold (rose gold) and Platinum. In addition, per Amore offers unique metals and combinations like the signature Platinum over Yellow Gold bands where under high temperature and pressure, the two metals join as one with no solder or intervening materials to form a single bonded materoal.

The Warranty
All per Amore wedding bands come with a limited lifetime warranty, plus lifetime free sizing. If the ring can not be sized, we will make another to replace the one returned.