Palladium Allura wedding bands have the look of platinum without the high cost. Our wedding bands are carefully crafted using premium palladium metal and include stunning details like hammered finishes, beading around the edges and more. Because palladium is a softer metal, it can be shaped and manipulated into more intricate designs. At eWeddingBands, we carry palladium Allura wedding bands that are suitable for men or women.

About Palladium

Palladium is a naturally occurring metal that is silver-white in color. It is known for being non-reactive and is ideal for people with sensitivities to nickel. Palladium won't react with oxygen at normal temperatures, so it won't ever tarnish or lose its luster. The type of palladium used in jewelry, PD950 palladium, contains a mixture of natural palladium and ruthenium. It's considered a hypoallergenic metal and is a great choice alternative to white gold, which includes nickel. It is quickly becoming one of the more popular white precious metal alloys used in jewelry making because it is similar in appearance to platinum, but more agreeably priced.

Quality Craftsmanship

Palladium Allura wedding bands are designed with quality in mind. They are made using the finest palladium materials available and are carefully constructed with strict attention to detail. The rings are made with comfort-fit bands, which have a slightly beveled interior that makes less contact with the finger for a more comfortable fit and easier wear. Engraving is available and rings are available in full and half sizes.

If you're ready to upgrade your jewelry collection, consider adding a palladium Allura wedding band or ring from Our palladium rings are made using the finest quality materials available and are crafted to meet our exceedingly high standards. Palladium is an affordable alternative to platinum, but possesses all of the same luster and shine. Order a palladium ring today and take advantage of our competitive pricing and fast shipping.