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14K White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold wedding bands are in a league all their own, and 14k white gold wedding bands are both modern and timeless in appearance. Making a lifelong commitment to someone special while wearing a 14 karat white gold wedding band is a memorable experience. Perhaps it's the gleam of the white metal that make these rings such a popular choice. We admit it's hard to avoid noticing such stunning metallic beauty. Photos barely do these rings justice, which is why you'll be happy to learn we offer fast delivery on all our fine ring selections. While we won't be there when you open your package, we'll gleefully imagine your twinkling eyes and positive comments the moment you lay eyes on your desired ring.

Slender and Light White Gold Bands

For those who desire to wear a white gold band, but don't want too much ring width, we offer slender and light 14k bands in 1mm, 2mm and 2.5mm ring widths. Slip this ring on your finger and admire how elegant it looks from all angles. These rings are so delicate you might forget you're wearing it at times, but then you'll glance down and be reminded once again of how much you love your ring and what it represents.

Classic Width White Gold Bands

Enjoy the look and feel of a classic width 14k white gold wedding band. These rings range in width from 4mm to 6mm. Choose a ring in this category if you want an affordable gold ring that is easy to notice whenever you wear it on your ring finger. Some ring styles feature a contemporary matte finish with flat or beveled edges, while others feature high-polished light-reflective surfaces for a traditional look.

Chunky and Heavy White Gold Bands

Because we're a premier online wedding bands shop, we want to make sure you have as many white gold choices as possible. Do you love chunky rings? Great! We've got you covered. Chunky white gold rings tend to be a bit heavier than classic designs, and they come in widths ranging from 7mm all the way up to 12mm. Choose this type of ring when you want a 14K white gold band ring that makes a bold statement. If these rings could talk, they'd say, "Look at me, I'm gorgeous!"