10K Rose Gold Wedding Bands

10K rose gold wedding bands are decidedly the most rose (or pink) colored of all the rose gold options. A perfect choice for a unique precious metal in a wedding band.

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10K Rose Gold Wedding Bands

The rich and warm color of this rose gold band ring is attracting the attention of both men and women looking for nontraditional precious metal engagement rings and wedding bands. The rose gold band ring has enjoyed several eras of fashion popularity, most notably in the 1920s, but this time around its resurgence seems to have staying power. The secret to 10K rose gold’s color is an increased amount of copper used in place of traditional alloys to create the pinkish hue. Whether you call it red, pink or rose gold, this stylish and rich-looking precious metal flatters many skin tones, and is a great choice for a wedding band.
At e-Wedding Bands, our staff prefers the color of 10K rose gold to the other purities of rose gold. Since 10K gold has the highest percentage of alloys, 10K rose gold is the brightest and most attractive blush color. It looks especially great with a brush or stone finish applied. If you like what you see, explore our many other options of 14k rose gold diamond wedding bands.

Like all of our other wedding bands, you can buy with confidence because of our of our 30-day money back guarantee! Please see our guarantee for details.