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Q: So, which are men's wedding bands and which are women's wedding bands?

A: Many customers specifically request men's wedding bands as opposed to women's wedding bands. As you search our site, you will notice that we do not list most wedding bands as exclusively men's or women's, because most wedding bands can be worn by either. There really are no hard and fast rules as to what makes a mens wedding band as opposed to a womans wedding band. Having said that, we can provide some helpful guidelines that may assist you in making your decision.

Region: Some regions of the country follow different fashions and therefore have different style preferences. Those preferences may include metal colors, such as white gold versus yellow gold, type of metal including gold, platinum or titanium, and width--narrow or wide. People in some regions even prefer designer bands instead of traditional bands. Don't hesitate to observe what friends and coworkers are wearing to get an idea of what the "hot styles" are in your area.

Build: Consider the build of the man before buying. Is he a tall, short, slim, or large man? Some smaller men may prefer mens wedding bands in the range of 3mm-6mm. Larger men may prefer a wider band that looks proportionately well on him, in the 6-10mm range. This is only a guidline, however, as we do have smaller-built men who prefer a wider men's wedding band. Also, consider the man's watch or other accessories--are they white or yellow, lightweight or heavy?

Pattern: Many consider men's wedding bands that have patterns such as woven bands, bands with coarser finishes, and other similar styles to be more masculine than those without. Wedding bands that feature floral patterns and more delicate designs are typically preferred by women. However, if you are looking for a matching set, many of our patterned wedding bands are designed to be sold as sets.

Metal: Men's wedding bands are made from any of the precious metals, including yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten and titanium. For some men, the weight of the metal is a major factor and each of the above metals has a very different weight, ranging from light to heavy. We have also found that some men choose the metal of their band based on their career choice. For example, a desk job will be kinder to any metal than a construction job.

Diamonds: Diamonds are featured in more and more men's wedding bands. In the past, most diamond wedding band styles were designed for women. Now many of those styles have been redesigned with men in mind and their appeal has increased dramatically. See our wide diamond channel wedding bands as an example. We have found that many women like the wide styles as well which if purchased together can make a great matching set.

In general, we recommend you browse a wide selection of wedding bands and decide which bands most appeal to you. If you are a more traditional man, classic comfort-fit domed, milgrain, and flat wedding bands in any of the precious metals are always a sure bet. If you are a bit more contemporary or adventurous, look at patterned wedding bands and mens wedding bands with diamonds. Remember, there are really no rules when it comes to selecting a wedding band for a man!

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