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Add a Custom Finish to Your Wedding Band

Most bands that you purchase at e- Wedding Bands, including titanium bands, can be ordered with a special texture. The texture is added after the band has been crafted.

Brushed/Satin Finish ($10): A very popular finish because it softens the overall look of the metal of the ring. Florentine Finish ($15): A criss-cross pattern cut into the surface of the ring.
Stone Finish ($10): A coarser, more rugged version of the Brushed/Satin Finish Bright Polish/Shiny Finish (Free): A traditional shiny finish.  Also called high polish or mirror finish, this is our standard finish that comes on all bands unless otherwise noted in the specific ring description. Free of charge!

All the finishes shown above are being displayed on our Newport wedding bands so you can see the contrast between the polished edges and the different finishes. 

During the normal course of wearing a new wedding band, the appearance begins to change as the surface starts showing signs of wear.  Finishes such as satin brush, stone, Florentine, and even the original shiny mirror finish will eventually wear away.  Wedding bands develop a natural patina during this process that is recognized as the normal look for a wedding band.  When choosing a finish for your style of wedding band, remember that coarse finishes will last longer than fine finishes.  For example, Florentine and stone finishes are cut deeper into the surface of the ring than other finishes, and will therefore last longer.  A softer brush or satin finish will wear away the quickest. 

The actual time that a finish lasts depends on the activity level of the wearer, so a satin or brush finish may last two or three years for some people, but only a few weeks or months for others.  The good news is that all of these finishes can be easily replaced.  Should you ever want your e- Wedding Bands' ring restored to its original appearance, simply return it to e-Wedding Bands for free cleaning and polishing.  We offer this free service for the life of your rings, so your only costs would be for re-applying a requested finish, plus shipping costs to return the band to you.

Many wedding bands benefit from an added texture to enhance contrast. Below you can see what domed bands look like when a finish is applied to the entire band.  Note that each texture looks a bit different depending on the metal used.  We specifically recommend a brush finish on most two-tone wedding bands as it increases the color contrast of the two metals, enhancing the overall look of the wedding band. 

We have seen almost all of these finishes on all of our wedding band styles and are happy to share our experience with you, so please contact us if you have any questions.  We are excited to help you find the perfect finish for your wedding band!

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